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Nara Mendel was a female half-Trill, half-Human who lived during the 24th and 25th centuries. She was the daughter of Jack Mendel and Ezri Dax and the younger sister of Lenerea Mendel.[1]

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Nara was born in 2388 to Jack Mendel and Ezri Dax. She and her older sister grew up in Leran Manev, Trill and were often left in the care of their grandmother, Yanas Tigan, because both of their parents were active in Starfleet.[1]

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  • Nara was named after Lenara Kahn, whose former host was married to one of the previous Dax hosts. Lenara and Jadzia Dax, Ezri's predecessor, had a brief liaison in DS9: "Rejoined".
    • Nara was originally named Lenara as well, but CaptFredricks shortened her name to Nara because it was very similar to her sister's name.
  • Her name is pronounced as NA-ra men-DEL.

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