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For her mirror universe counterpart, see Naomi Smith (mirror).

Naomi Smith was a Human-El-Aurian Starfleet officer who use to serve as commanding officer of the USS Gotengo-G and now is currently commanding it's sister ship the USS Atragon. She was a descendant of Simon Jay Smith.

In 2401, Naomi was a 1st year cadet in Starfleet Academy. She was majoring in tactical. During that year she met her ancestor; a 21st century NASA pilot named Simon Smith. She became his guardian until he was able to reintegrate with time. As time passed the two became very close. In 2405, Naomi graduated and was assigned to the USS Yamato-F. Through her years, she quickly rose in rank to commander and by 2412 she was accepted the offer to command her own ship. She was assigned to the USS Gotengo-G as Captain during the events Mirror Conflict and War of the Universes. Now she is the new Commanding officer on the Gotengo's sister ship; USS Atragon.

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