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Anything goes in here, lizard.
 I'm not a lizard! I'm a sssnake!
Masc Taggart and Mryaan the Merciless
2409 ("The Undying")

Mryaan the Merciless was a female Gorn who lived during the 25th century. She served aboard the Snap Dragon and often fought alongside her crewmates in the Shangdu nightclub's arena on Nimbus III.[1]

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Mryaan seemed to become annoyed rather easily at what she considered "playing dirty" by other combatants in the Shangdu arena. She also took pride in labeling herself as a snake when disparagingly called a lizard by Masc Taggart.[2]

Biography Edit

On ca. stardate 83832.9, Mryaan and the rest of the Snap Dragon crew fought in the Shangdu nightclub's indoor arena against officers of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI', as well as Komodo, a bounty hunter. Mryaan began by going after Julia Cromwell; Cromwell avoided Mryaan's slash attack, but her dodge caused her to lose her footing.[1]

Later on, Mryaan was being tag teamed by Kardok and Masc Taggart. This caused Mryaan to become rather annoyed. Kardok then slid below Mryaan's swings and stabbed her leg while Taggart slashed her stomach. Mryaan accused them of fighting with dirty tactics, but Taggart reminded her of the arena's lenient rules. With that, Kardok jumped on the Gorn's back and stabbed the back of her neck, and Taggart tossed him his knife. Kardok promptly slit Mryaan's throat with the second blade, but Mryaan managed to throw him off her back. Tagart and Komodo later dragged Mryaan over to where her defeated crewmates were sitting, captured. Julia began triage on Mryaan at Komodo's request.[2]

After the skirmish ended, Komodo took Mryaan and the rest of the living crew of the Snap Dragon with him to cash in their bounties. He hoped that he could turn Mryaan in before she died.[3][a]

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  1. This might indicate that Mryaan was still in critical condition, or Komodo might have just been speaking sarcastically.
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