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"Mr. Writer" was a title given to the author of Sexy Trek by Data.[a] He seemed to take pleasure in "torturing" his characters, making them do various things that went against their normal behavior.[1]

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During a vehement argument between Will Riker and Wesley Crusher, Captain Jean-Luc Picard pointed out that "peace is, after all, the founding principal of the Federation." Data corrected his mistake in spelling, but Picard was left confused as to how Data could know how he "spelled" the word. Data then stated that "perhaps it was a mistake in the dialog. The writer of this chapter may have mistakenly written pal instead of ple."[2]

Later, Data asked Riker if he had noticed that "the tone of this chapter of the story has gotten much darker than the previous? Do you think it's because the writer's views have changed with time, or because of the impending doom of the planet if certain people are elected to—"

Data even began to notice other characters in the story acting irrationally, stating, "I do believe the writer of this story is intentionally fucking with our characters to make things more amusing for his readers. Perhaps we should refuse to act for him."

Data then addressed the author as "Mr. Writer", asking him, "What sick pleasure do you gain from torturing us like this?" and hoping that someday he might learn his motives.

At the end of the chapter, Mr. Writer put down his pencil and looked over what he had written, quite proud of his work. His final words to the characters were, "Until next time, bitches."[3]

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  1. The title of the story has not been mentioned by Data, but he is obviously aware that they are all characters within the story.
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