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  Morse code was an old form of communication used on Earth well before the 24th century. The Klingons were familiar with this technology, but they never made much use of it.

On stardate 56950.3, the USS Enterprise-E's crew used Morse code in an attempt to communicate with an unidentified Klingon vessel that they encountered in the Denab system which was not responding to standard hailing frequencies.[1] The Klingons responded in kind, asking for engineering and medical assistance, but in reality they were lying in wait to ensnare the Enterprise in a trap.[2]

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  1. Star Trek: Final Voyages – "Zenith" (Act I), the USS Enterprise-E makes use of Morse code.
  2. Star Trek: Final Voyages – "Zenith" (Act II), the IKS GhIqtal responds in Morse code, feigning distress.

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