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Mok was a male Ferengi who lived during the 25th century. He served as commanding officer of the SS Nandi until he was arrested in 2409 for attempting to sell stolen kemocite to the Nausicaans.

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In 2409, Mok took his vessel, the SS Nandi, to the Celes system to confiscate a shipment of kemocite from Starbase 114, and in turn, intended to sell the kemocite to the Nausicaans. The Federation starship USS Leviathan was in the system at the time, and was asked by Starbase 114's commander, Cleveland, to investigate the disappearance of the kemocite.

The Leviathan tracked Mok and the Nandi into a nebula, where several Nausicaan vessels lay in wait. Mok beamed down to an asteroid base in the nebula to begin negotiations with the Nausicaans, leaving the Leviathan at the mercy of the marauders. After fighting off the Nausicaan ships, the Leviathan's commander, Jarek Davis, and a small away team beamed down to the base. His team managed to recover the kemocite, as well as kill Mok's valued customers. Mok was then taken into custody aboard the Leviathan, to answer for indirectly selling weapons to the enemies of the Federation. Mok's fate remained uncertain.[1]

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