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Mivek was a female Romulan who served in the Romulan Republic during the 2400s. She held the rank of subcommander as of 2409.

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On stardate 83626.4, Subcommanders Mivek and Kaol were sent to meet with the crew of the USS Leviathan by Proconsul D'Tan as diplomatic representatives to the Federation. The Leviathan crew prepared a formal dinner for their guests, preparing "the finest Romulan cuisine the ship can offer." During the meal, Lucas Wells asked whether the Romulan Republic was stable enough to stand as an independent government. Kaol believed that the Republic had taken great strides in the past 22 years, and that they were ready. Mivek added that it was "a new era for the Romulan people." She held hope that the Republic's alliance with both the Federation and the Klingon Empire would eventually lead to peace between the two warring factions.

After a bombing on Tycho City, Luna was revealed to have been facilitated by genetically manipulated Gorn, Mivek reported to Republic command of the situation. Her sources in the Klingon Empire managed to uncover intelligence reports on a Klingon research facility on H'atoria that was purported to be conducting genetic research.

Dylyp Azeli and Ernie Hauser later joined the Romulans in an investigation of the goings on down on H'atoria while the Leviathan responded to a crisis on Korvat colony. Mivek remained in command of the Republic vessel, with Kaol, Dylyp, Ernie, and a small security team infiltrating H'atoria. She informed them that they would not be able to send another team in after them if they failed, due to their still fragile relationship with the Klingon Empire. Kaol gave her orders to return to Mol'Rihan "with haste" should they not complete their mission.[1]

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Unlike her fellow representative, Kaol, Mivek was not incredibly personable. When asked by Lucas Wells if she would mind being called by her given name (as Kaol permitted), she told him to refer to her as subcommander. Kaol even told her to ease up on her sternness, for fear that she might "scare" their hosts.[2]

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