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Micha Hauser was a Human woman who, along with her husband, David, ran Pike's Kitchen in Tycho City, Luna.[1] She and David wished for their son, Ernie, to follow them in the family business, but he chose to enlist in Starfleet instead. Micha and David later began to encourage their son to try new things, and he graduated Starfleet Academy with experience in astrometrics as well as piloting.[2][3]

On stardate 83626.4, several augmented Gorn planted a bomb nearby the Hausers' restaurant which left both Micha and David critically injured. David died the following night, but Micha began the long road to recovery.[4]

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  • Micha was originally going to be named Cindy, but CaptFredricks changed her first name while writing "The Ultimate Klingon".
  • Her name is pronounced as MEE-sha HOW-zer.

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