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Micha Hauser (née Rousseau)[1] was a female Human who, along with her husband, David, owned Pike's Kitchen in Tycho City, Luna.[2]

Her son, Ernie, served in Starfleet.[3]

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On stardate 73690.1, Micha was tending to her restaurant – Pike's Kitchen. She repeatedly asked her 12-year-old son, Ernie, to wash the dishes lest his father become upset. Ernie kept insisting he wanted to join Starfleet, but she told him they would discuss that at a later date. After putting Ernie to work on the dishes, she walked out front, where she met Gerry Collins, a friend of her husband, David. She told Gerry why they named the diner Pike's Kitchen instead of "Dave's Grill"; it was because Ernie idolized Captain Christopher Pike.[2]

On stardate 83626.4, Micha and David were both critically injured in a bombing of downtown Tycho City by Gorn augments.[4] Unfortunately, David passed away the following night, but Micha's condition was stable.[5]

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Micha and her husband, David, wanted their son, Ernie, to become a chef just like them, but he wished to join Starfleet and become a scientist. They encouraged Ernie to learn various skills, and in addition to astrometrics, he took courses in aviation to become a pilot.[3][6][7]

Following David's death, Micha tried to move forward with her life, and she and Ernie began keeping in much more frequent contact.[8]

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  • Micha was originally going to be named Cindy, but CaptFredricks changed her first name while writing "The Ultimate Klingon".
  • Her maiden name is French and is a diminutive of Roux.[9]
  • Her name is pronounced as MEE-sha HOW-zer.

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