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For her Kelvin timeline counterpart, see Mer'sa Smith (Kelvin timeline).

Mer'sa Smith was a female Human who lived during the 23rd century. She served in Starfleet as commanding officer of the USS Gotengo-A during the Klingon War.

Biography Edit

Mer'sa attended Starfleet Academy in 2252, there she meets and befriends Cadet Sylvia Tilly. In 2256, she was top of her class and was assigned with as XO under Captain Schaefer of the USS Tucker for their space training. Everything was running smoothly until distress call was intercepted. The captain orders the ship to travel to the distress call to help a merchant trader. Mer'sa was order to the transporter room to assist with helping with evacuating the crew. Before she arrived, Klingons beam aboard the ship and attack the crew. Mer'sa joins with a security to fight off the Klingons on board while the ship was engaged in battle with the Klingon cruisers. After successfully retaking the ship, Mer'sa goes to the bridge and arrives just as Captain was taken by a Klingon named J'Ula. The Klingon captain hails the ship and demands that they give vital information to them. Captain Schaefer orders Mer'sa was to fire on his position. J'Ula kills him. Now Acting Captain, Mer'sa follows the captain’s final orders and fires a torpedo at the cloaked Klingon ship and damages it. The ship tries to escape, but Mer'sa has the she follow it plasma trail. However, Klingon reinforcements arrive, just in time for the Federation Starship USS Ares captained by Garth of Izar arrived. They were able to defeat the reinforcements but J'Ula escapes. Captain Garth orders the crew of the Tucker to follow him to assist with helping the USS Farragut. They arrive to the system where the Farragut was. They pick up anomalies readings and scan the area to find out that Klingons are in the Area. After fight off the ambush, a large Klingon fleet de cloaks and warps out. Captain Garth orders the Tucker to the Corvan system and that they will join them once the help The Farragut with repairs. After the warp out, the Ares fights off more Klingons ships.

The Tucker arrives to the Corvan System and finds it under attack, Mer'sa orders the ship to attack the Klingons and defend the colonist fleeing from the planet. Mer'sa then beams down to the surface with a security and helps the colonist fight of the Klingons and reestablished the shields. More Klingons ships arrive and Mer'sa has the ship fight the Klingons long enough until the USS Ares and Farragut arrives and offers assistants. The successfully drive off the Klingons from Corvan. Captain Garth orders the Tucker to report back to Earth and for Mer'sa to report to the Admiral Pennington for debriefing. Impressed by the Cadet Mer'sa, She promotes her to Captain and assigns to the newly built USS Gotengo-A.

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