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Jin Celeron, born Prisoner 8292, alias Master Celeron, was a highly decorated slave and prisoner turned gladiatorial fighter of the Xeno arenas. When the experiments had come up successful, he volunteered to be a test subject and turned into a Techno-Organic. This transformation raised him from the prisoner class to one of the legendary-class Masters and he was charged as the scientist of the Guardians to the highest class on Xenox V.

Early life Edit

Jin was born into a full Xeno lifestyle, and when his parents died, he was turned into a slave; Jin lived as Slave 8292. When he was hungry, he stole some food from the royal family and was then imprisoned in the gladiatorial arenas and re-branded Prisoner 8292 when the experiments had yielded twelve successful patients for the new Master class of the time then Prisoner 8292 volunteered to be the thirteenth. He was then converted from Prisoner 8292 to Jin and after the experiment, his name was forever Master Celeron.

Career Edit

Jin served as the chief scientist among the legendary-class Masters.

Physicality Edit

Jin was found to have been in top mental condition for a man of his young age; his ability allowed him to sleep for any number of times in Extreme injury or otherwise and after he was injured leaving Xenox V and eventually landed on Vulcan he was dying, he formed a family had a child and he used his ability to preserve his mind for long after he had died.

  • Advanced Biological Enhancement - Jin was Genetically Experimented on at Middle age and mutated into a weapon at the time.
  • Enhanced Mental Capacity - Jin had shown that his Mind had extreme mental capacity
  • Enhanced Exo-Skeleton - Jin was the second to last subject of the original Population of the Xeno race.
  • Superior Strength - Due to being 90% Xeno, Jin had shown superior strength compared to his brothers and sisters
  • Superior Agility - After Modifications Jin had shown Superior Agility both Constant and Brief
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