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Martin Madden was a male Human who served in Starfleet during the 2380s as executive officer of the USS Enterprise-E. He held the rank of commander as of 2380.

He previously served aboard the USS Talos.[1]

Biography Edit

Service on the USS Talos Edit

Until 2380, Madden served aboard the USS Talos.[1][a]

Service on the USS Enterprise-E Edit

On stardate 56950.3, Madden was assigned to the USS Enterprise-E, replacing Captain William T. Riker as first officer. His first assignment aboard the Enterprise was exploring the Denab system.[1]

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Jean-Luc Picard Edit

Madden wanted to make a good first impression on Captain Jean-Luc Picard, so he asked Captain Riker for advice on what to say to him. Riker, a renowned practical jokester, told Madden to call Picard by his given name. Madden took his advice to heart, and upon seeing Picard enter the bridge walked over to him and introduced himself. Picard invited Madden to dine with him that night, informing him they had much to talk about. Madden responded using Picard's given name, which visibly annoyed Picard. It was then that Madden realized that Riker had been "pulling his leg" about Picard's casual nature.[2]

Despite this initial setback, Picard assured Madden that he was, in fact, casual with the officers he had come to trust, and that with time, Madden would become one of those officers.[3]

Dina Elfiki Edit

Madden recommended Dina Elfiki for the science officer position on the USS Enterprise-E, stating that she had a "good head on her shoulders". Madden seemed to imply the two had a history together, possibly romantic.[4]

Starfleet Edit

William T. Riker Edit

Madden and Riker met on the bridge of the USS Enterprise-E. Riker was on his way out, heading to his new command on the USS Titan, and Madden was on his way in, taking Riker's place as executive officer of the Enterprise. Madden was a bit nervous about meeting Captain Picard, and asked about his demeanor. Sensing a good opportunity to pull a practical joke, Riker told him that Picard was "very casual" and that Madden should refer to him by his given name. Madden took Riker's advice, and upon using Picard's given name, he finally understood that Riker had been "pulling [his] leg".[5]

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  1. He served on the Talos for an unknown number of years, possibly as its first officer.
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