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Marta was an Orion slave girl who worked for the House of Urthog until 2409. She betrayed her master and sought asylum with the Federation. In exchange for her guaranteed safety, she promised to divulge sensitive information about the Klingon Empire to Starfleet Intelligence.

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In 2409, she began to grow tired of serving her master, Urthog, and fled to the Treasure Trading Station. She had planned to take "valuable" information to Starfleet Intelligence, but Urthog had paid off the station administrator, Qaris, to hold her there until he arrived.

The USS Leviathan was sent to retrieve her, but Commander Jarek Davis had a different plan in mind. He was going to take the information forcibly, and then likely kill Marta. Luckily, she was saved by the quick wits of Lucas Wells.[1]

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