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Maria Fredricks (née Wilson) was a female Human who lived during the 25th century. She worked as a botanist and was the wife of Thomas Fredricks and the mother of Jason Fredricks.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Maria Wilson was born in a small town in Nevada on Earth on 3 August 2365.[citation needed]

In 2409, she was offered the chance to teach botany at the Las Vegas University.[1]

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Family[edit | edit source]

While in high school, Jason cheated on a midterm test. He managed to avoid being discovered by his teacher, having a friend cover for him. The only pitfall of his plan, however, was his mother, Maria. He found that he couldn't "look [her] in the eye and tell her [he] passed the test," when he clearly hadn't on his own merit. He then told her what really happened, and received a week's detention for his actions. He did, however, learn "never try to cover up your mistakes."[2]

She once told Jason not to allow his sense of duty to mold him into a "cantankerous old man."[3]

During his valedictory at the Starfleet Academy Class of 2408 graduation ceremony, Jason thanked Maria and Thomas for "standing by" him.[4][a]

Starfleet[edit | edit source]

Jorel Quinn referred to Maria as "a wise woman", indicating he held a great respect for her. Given that he was very close to Jason, Quinn likely knew his mother as well.[5]

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Background and trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to old author notes, Maria's maiden name was either going to be Maria Anne Davis or Maria Elizabeth Davis, but CaptFredricks changed it to Maria Wilson while writing Personnel Files (No. 1).
  • The first time her name is spoken in dialog is in "War Is Good for Business", which is also her first appearance.

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  1. It isn't clear whether Maria or her husband attended the ceremony.

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