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Marcia Taylor is a Human female who lives in the 24th century and services the Federation and is currently in command of the Interpid-Class USS Archer, and is currently also fighting in the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Dominion War)

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Early LifeEdit

Marcia Taylor was born in 2340 to Amy and Sampson Taylor in Charlotte, North Carolina on Earth while her father was at Starfleet working and awaiting his next assignment and Mary was working at her job she was watched by her two aunts, she was the best child that both her parents could ask for.

Marcia grew up in San Francisco, California on Earth later on in her childhood she met John Branson at her high school and the two became good friends and it was almost that they had feeling for each other but she was dating James Hanson the star football player turned Starfleet cadet.

Starfleet Service CareerEdit

Starfleet AcademyEdit

In 2360, Marcia attended Starfleet Academy and met a lot of new friends and was the top of her class in the academy, as she was the best in her class and she graduated in 2364 at the top of her class.

USS PetersonEdit

In 2364, while on board the USS Peterson a Nebula-Class ship as chief helm officer at the rank of Ensign and served on the vessel with dedication and honor.

USS PhoenixEdit

She later served onboard the USS Phoenix under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell as chief tactical officer/Security officer, and she was present when Maxwell went rogue into Cardassian Space attacking Cardassian outposts. And murdered 650 Cardassian lives on both a Galor-Class warship and a Cardassian Supply vessel.

She was later acquitted of charges and was reassigned from the Phoenix.

Starfleet CommandEdit

After the Phoenix Disaster Marcia was reassigned to Earth as an adjucant to her father Vice admiral Taylor.

USS HerculesEdit

Commander Marcia Taylor served on the Galaxy-Class starship USS Hercules. In an early battle with the Dominion/Cardassian Alliance, the Captain of the Hercules was killed and, Taylor took command and returned the ship safely to Earth.

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