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March was the third month of the Human year.

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1 March 2409 (Stardate 83245.3) 
A Ferengi merchant is arrested by the crew of the USS Leviathan after being caught selling kemocite to the Nausicaans. During a weapons fire exchange with the Nausicaan vessels, the Leviathan nearly suffers a warp core breach, but Jhael Onika manages to prevent it, sacrificing his life in the process.[1]
8 March 2409 (Stardate 83262.2) 
Commander Jarek Davis is taken into custody after he is discovered to be a Tal Shiar agent spying on Starfleet. He is also responsible for the death of a Ferengi bartender on Treasure Trading Station.[2]
16 March 2360 
Nicholas Wells is born on Earth.[3]
19 March 2409 (Stardate 83290.3) 
The USS Leviathan comes to the aid of Task Force Hippocrates in the Xarantine system after a series of unrelenting Klingon attacks led by Admiral B'vat's forces.[4]

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2 March 1949 
Gates McFadden is born (actress, Beverly Crusher).
3 March 1920 
James Doohan is born (actor, Montgomery Scott).
5 March 2014 
FED: "The Kuvah'Magh" is published on FanFiction.
11 March 2016 
FED: "Night of the Comet" is published on FanFiction.
20 March 1948 
John de Lancie is born (actor, Q).
22 March 1931 
William Shatner is born (actor, James T. Kirk).
24 March 2014 
FED: "War Is Good for Business" is published on FanFiction.
26 March 1931 
Leonard Nimoy is born (actor, Spock).
29 March 1955 
Marina Sirtis is born (actress, Deanna Troi).

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