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Maglus was a male Lethean who served in the Zenith Alliance during the 24th century as tactical officer of the IKS GhIqtal.[1]

Biography Edit

Maglus joined the crew of the IKS GhIqtal sometime prior to stardate 56950.3. On this date, the GhIqtal and its crew were in the Denab system, anticipating the arrival of the USS Enterprise-E. When the Enterprise arrived, Maglus informed his captain, Kardok, that the Starfleet vessel was trying to use an old Earth method of communication, because the GhIqtal had not answered hails. Kardok told Maglus to reply that their vessel was in critical condition and that they required assistance. Maglus did so, and the plot to destroy the Enterprise and capture its captain was put into action.

Maglus later shot and killed one of the Enterprise's security officers who had beamed over with an engineering and medical team. He then confiscated the rest of the team's weapons at the command of his captain.[1]

After the Enterprise was crippled by an explosion near their engine core, Kardok ordered Maglus to fire the killing blow and destroy the vessel.[2]

Skills Edit

Maglus could speak Klingonese.[1]

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