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M'Rel was a male Klingon who served as operations officer aboard the IKS SuvwI' in 2409.[1]

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On stardate 83738.2, M'Rel gave Kardok a report on the quarantined star system that was home to the Gateway planet and the Guardian of Forever.[2]

On stardate 83832.9, he accompanied his captain and an away team to Nimbus III in search of an Orion Syndicate boss named Hassan. They encountered Two of Eight, who refused to give them any information, and Horace Jones, who pointed them in the direction of ruins to the north of the town. This proved to be a dead end, and the team returned to town enraged.

Kardok might have killed Jones if Jason Fredricks and his away team had not been in town. The two teams joined forces and eventually gained information from a former peacekeeper named Law. He led them to Hassan's fortress, which housed a nightclub. The teams split up to lower suspicion, and M'Rel joined Tlaszh's group. They made their way inside after the others.

Once inside, the other team, led by Natanu Sei, encountered trouble. Kardok told Tlaszh to hold position and not blow his team's cover. While Natanu's group was captured by Hassan, Tlaszh's remained hidden.[3]

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M'Rel seemed to have a tendency to get a bit bloodthirsty during tense situations, as he suggested killing civilians of Paradise City at random as a scare tactic, hoping to obtain information regarding Hassan the Undying. He was completely obedient to Kardok, however, who told him that they would not kill civilians.

M'Rel also felt no remorse towards a Gorn assassin that Jason Fredricks tried to spare, believing the Gorn's final wish to die should be honored. Tlaszh ultimately killed the other Gorn.

He was also fairly observant, as he noticed Kardok's unusual change in behavior upon discovering Hassan's whereabouts. Kardok revealed that he intended to avenge his sister, who had been murdered at the hands of Hassan.[4]

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