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Lucy was a female Diclonius who lived during the 27th century. She was an associate of Beastie and Akame.[1]

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After Lucas Wells was duped by Sera Ivey and dropped on Nimbus III, Beastie began play-tormenting him. Akame approached Beastie and told him that "Vella, Witch, and Lucy are waiting for us."[1]

In an alternate timeline, Lucy was the leader of the Diclonius Order and worked as Sleacherling's "personal lapdog." She spoke to the prisoners on a Helghast prison ship, including Treav, T-Rex, and Sera Ivey, warning them of the consequences should they try to fight her or her sisters.[2][a]

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  1. It is unclear whether she held the same position and alliance in the main timeline.
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