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Lucia Li Lefron was one of Sleacherling's trusted officers of Faal Mahlaan during World War II. Her parents were both killed in SS death camps when she was only 12, which drove her to torturing and killing the Nazis who were involved to "prove" they deserved worse than death. Her skills were discovered by Faal Mahlaan and they recruited her.

She had such an obsession with torturing other sadists that she thought of doing the same things to Esdeath as Esdeath had done to Numa Seika, but unlike Esdeath she had grown a pain from Esdeath's victims, even Mine, which was uncommon for a sadist. She even had grown to love her fellow troops even the Dire Wolf who was like a son to her. She never tortured any innocent civilians or soldiers like Esdeath did, but instead war criminals, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, as she believed they deserved worse than death and when the time came she would torture Esdeath just like Esdeath did to so many others. One of her true agendas was to destroy Esdeath and make her known as "Esdeath the Weak."

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