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Leonard Horatio McCoy, MD, was a male Human who lived during the 23rd century. He served in Starfleet and was best known for his long tenure aboard the USS Enterprise as its chief medical officer. He also briefly served aboard Drozana Station prior to his assignment on the Enterprise.

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As of stardate 1016.3, McCoy was serving as chief medical officer on Drozana Station. He had nearly one month left on the station before his transfer to the USS Enterprise when the station was attacked by the Devidians. He was tasked with determining a cure for the neural energy drains on the station's inhabitants. He was making no headway until Tala Jones inadvertently gave him an idea on how to "restart" the neurons in the patients' brains. He later helped her and Jason Fredricks escape the station's security, who believed that she and Jason were Orion spies who had sabotaged the station.[1]

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Leonard and Tala Jones only spent a brief time together, but they developed somewhat of an endearing friendship. He immediately saw through her lie that she and Jason Fredricks were married, but he chose not to tell anyone else. He also helped the two escape from the security officer guarding sickbay. As she and Jason were leaving, she kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for his help.[2]

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