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Leonidas Anderson[1] was a male Human who served in Starfleet during the 25th century as an engineer's assistant on the USS Leviathan. He held the rank of ensign as of 2409.[2]

He was an engineer's assistant to three chief engineers aboard the Leviathan: Jhael Onika, Phil Schrader,[citation needed] and Th'vol Olethla. He also briefly served as co-chief engineer alongside Will Darrow and Hannah Freeman after Schrader's death.[3]

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Leo attended Starfleet Academy and graduated with the Class of 2408 on stardate 82513.9.[4][a]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

Leo was assigned to the USS Leviathan after graduating.

On stardate 83180.5 (2409), Jason Fredricks led an away team over to the SS Azura, which had fallen under attack by Orions. Jhael Onika, the chief engineer, also joined the away team, not anticipating the power overload in the EPS conduits on Deck 4 that disabled main power and left the away team stranded on the Azura. Tala Jones tasked Charlie Morgan with overseeing repairs, but in his words, "I'm a bloody ops manager, not an engineer." Leo volunteered his services in assisting Charlie with repairs. After successfully repairing an EPS conduit in engineering, Charlie praised him, saying, "Leo, you have a bright career ahead of you."

The duo, along with help from Crewman Nathan, continued working on restarting main power, but was met with failure. Leo suggested that they might try realigning the plasma flow regulators, and this time their attempt was successful.[5]

After the death of Phil Schrader, Leo, along with fellow crewmen Will Darrow and Hannah Freeman, was temporarily promoted to chief engineer, until the official replacement, Th'vol Olethla, came in from the USS Cochrane.[6]

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  1. Leo didn't originally appear at the graduation. He was added in a 2016 revision.

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