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Lenerea Mendel[1] was a female half-Trill, half-Human who served in Starfleet during the 2400s as communications officer of the USS Leviathan. She held the rank of ensign as of 2409.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Lenerea Mendel was born on stardate 62021.4 on Trill to Jack Mendel and Ezri Dax.[citation needed]

Starfleet Academy Edit

Lenerea graduated on stardate 82513.9 with the Class of 2408, and she attended the Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony in San Francisco.[1]

Early Starfleet career Edit

She and Dylyp Azeli were briefly stationed on Starbase 24, where they were then transferred to the USS Leviathan, under the command of Lenerea's old flame, Jason Fredricks. Lenerea took up the vacant communications officer position that had been left by Hannah Freeman.[2][3]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

On stardate 83245.3, Jason took temporary leave from command of the Leviathan, and his stand-in, Commander Jarek Davis, removed Lenerea from the bridge communications station and told her to report to the science duty head.[4]

She was part of the group of senior officers who opposed Davis' unorthodox methods of running the ship, and even suspected him of being a Tal Shiar agent. They planned to report him to Starfleet Command, but Davis caught on to their suspicions of him and had them all locked in the brig. Later, she and the other senior officers retook the bridge from Jules Vanden, who had been left in command while Davis was down on the Treasure Trading Station.[5]

Relationships Edit

Crewmates Edit

Jason Fredricks Edit

Lenerea and Jason were involved in a romantic relationship during their days at Starfleet Academy. After hearing rumors of her having an affair with another Starfleet cadet, Jason ended their relationship, however, he later regretted it.

Lucas Wells attempted to get them to make amends, though initially, they refused. Later on, though, both of them came to realize that they were wrong for holding onto their hatred for one another.[6]

During Jason's valedictory, Lenerea referred to him as a "complete jackass". Fellow cadet Daniel Harvey offered to "rough 'im up", but Lenerea ignored him.[1]

Starfleet Edit

Lenerea dated Jeff Philips sometime in her early Academy years, but they had broken up with him by the time she met Jason.

In 2409, after patching things up with Jason, Lenerea decided to ignore his advances and began to gravitate towards his friend, Lucas Wells. The two went on at least one dinner date together.[7]

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