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"Lego Star Trek" is the first episode of the first season of Lego Star Trek, written and acted out sometime in 2010. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

The USS Enterprise-E is sent to uncover a plot to destroy the Federation. Their orders, however, cannot prepare the crew for what they find.

Teaser Edit

Captain's log, stardate 57189.4. I have received confidential orders to investigate the whereabouts of the secret society which may have plans to destroy the Federation. We are en route to...

Gibson informs Captain Jean-Luc Picard that a Klingon vessel is decloaking near them. Picard orders him to raise shields as they are hit with weapons fire. John Benson orders a return fire. As they are about to be hit again, Picard yells for everyone to take cover.

Act I Edit

Captain's log, stardate 57189.4. The Enterprise has been undergoing extensive repairs in spacedock after the Battle of the Bassen Rift. My first officer, Will Riker, has just assumed command of the USS Titan, so now I must search for a new one. My personal opinion is that I will never be able to find one to replace Will.

Picard is reading from a list of candidates for first officer of the Enterprise. One of the names stands out to him, so he contacts his old friend Admiral Johnson to find out more about him. He asks Johnson about John Benson, the officer who caught his eye on the roster. Johnson tells him that Benson is on the starbase as they speak. Picard thanks him and proceeds to locate Benson.

Picard approaches Benson in a corridor on the starbase. He asks Benson if he is available to take Will's place on the Enterprise. Benson is surprised, but accepts the offer. Picard tells him to report to the Enterprise the following day at zero eight hundred hours.

Wesley Crusher has come aboard to see his mother, Dr. Beverly Crusher, before the Enterprise's next assignment. She is overjoyed to see him, and asks how he's been. He mentions his adventures with The Traveler, and his desire to see her before she embarks. Wesley inquires about Captain Picard, and Beverly tells him that he can be found on the bridge. Wesley bids his mother farewell, and goes to see the captain.

Wesley enters the bridge and asks Geordi La Forge where Captain Picard is. He tells Wesley that Picard is in his ready room. Before Wes walks away, Geordi tells him that it's good to see him again. Wesley enters the ready room, and Picard tells him to sit down. Wesley notices B-4 and asks if he is Data's brother. Picard recalls how Data transferred all of his memory into B-4, hoping that his brother would retain it, but Data died before his brother began making progress. Wesley then tells Picard that he must go, and he replies that it was good to talk to him.

Act II Edit

Worf informs Picard that Starfleet is contacting him. He takes the message in his ready room, where Admiral Johnson informs him that he is sending the Enterprise on a top-secret mission.

Meanwhile, Benson enters the bridge, ready for duty. Picard exits the ready room and greets him. Worf informs them that spacedock is giving them permission to get underway. Picard tells Gibson to go to warp on heading 074 mark 28. Benson inquires where they are going, but Picard replies that their mission is classified, but whatever they are looking for may pose a threat to the Federation.

A Klingon vessel waits for the Enterprise's arrival. One of the officers informs the captain that the Enterprise is dropping out of warp. Kardok, the captain, orders his first officer, Telnok, to prepare a boarding party.

Worf's console informs him of intruders in engineering. Picard orders both him and Geordi to deal with the intruders. Meanwhile, Telnok and his men exit an air return in engineering and open fire on the engineers below. Both sides take multiple casualties, causing the Klingons to retreat back to their ship. Geordi tells Picard that the intruders have left, and that they are Klingons.

Benson informs Picard that the Klingons are hailing them on audio. Kardok introduces himself, and Picard immediately confronts him about the boarding party. Kardok denies that he sent any boarding party to the Enterprise, but Picard doesn't believe him. Kardok closes the channel, and the Klingon ship opens fire.

Worf and Geordi help the injured engineers into sickbay. Picard then calls them to the bridge.

Act III Edit

Upon reaching the bridge, Geordi asks how negotiations with the Klingon vessel went, obviously knowing that they were currently engaged in battle. Picard orders Worf to fire a volley of photon torpedoes at the Klingons. The Klingons retaliate, bringing the Enterprise's shields down to 48%. The Klingons suddenly break off their attack and attempt to go to warp. Picard orders Worf to disable their engines, but they manage to jump into warp. Picard then tells Gibson to pursue them.

One of the Klingon officers informs Kardok that the Enterprise is pursuing. Kardok tells him to prepare for a final battle. The Klingons drop out of warp and cloak. Picard orders Geordi to divert auxiliary power to the shields. Moments later, the Klingons decloak and open fire. Geordi is knocked unconscious, but is alright. On the Klingon ship, First Officer Telnok is hit by debris from an explosion and dies. An officer tells Kardok that they must retreat, but Kardok insists that they must continue fighting.

Picard orders Worf to disable the Klingons' weapons. Kardok's officer continues to urge him to retreat, and he finally concedes. He hails the Enterprise and tells Picard that the next time they meet, he will kill him. Jordan then reports that the Klingons are gone. Worf asks what is next, and Picard says that they will return soon. Benson adds that they will be ready. Picard calls Beverly to the bridge.

Act IV Edit

Picard enters sickbay to check on the injured crewmen. Beverly informs him that both Geordi and Henderson are fine and Gibson will recover, but there is nothing that can be done for Daniels. Picard asks Geordi how he is feeling, and he says he has a headache. Daniels then calls to Picard, telling him it's been an honor to serve on the Enterprise. Beverly then pulls a sheet over Daniels, who is now deceased.

Johnson contacts Picard to find out what he discovered. Picard informs him that they were attacked by Klingons but were unable to keep them from escaping. Johnson then tells Picard to return to Earth, and that they have much to discuss. Picard insists that they can conduct repairs on the Enterprise while searching for the Klingons, but Johnson tells him that he must speak with him personally.

Once the Enterprise reaches Earth, Picard reports to Johnson. Johnson tells him that they are living in dangerous times, where they must be wary of who they place trust in. He elaborates that he believes that spies from a secret society have infiltrated Starfleet. He then says that once the Enterprise has received repairs, it will receive new orders. They begin discussing the fact that the attackers were Klingons. Admiral Perry tells Picard that they have agents searching for the Klingons' identities. Picard then tells them that Kardok said that they would meet once again and that he would kill him.

Epilogue Edit

Kardok contacts his master, X, who asks if he was successful in destroying the Enterprise. Kardok tells him that he failed, X saying that the Enterprise poses a threat to their plan, and that Kardok must not fail again.

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Starships Edit

  1. USS Enterprise-E (Teaser)
  2. IKS Pak'tu

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  1. USS Titan (Act I)

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  1. Earth Spacedock (Act I)

Referenced only Edit

  1. Earth (Act IV)

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Background and trivia Edit

  • This episode was never produced or filmed, but its script can be read here on the wiki.
  • Three characters, Kyle, Turrell, and Weston, were in the original enactment of the episode, but they did not make it into the script.
  • The Battle in the Bassen Rift is incorrectly named the Battle of the Bassen Rift in the episode's script.

Author: CaptFredricks
Acted out/written: 2010

"Captain's log, stardate 57189.4. I have received confidential orders to investigate the whereabouts of the secret society which may have plans to destroy the Federation. We are en route to..."

Gibson: Captain! There's a Klingon vessel decloaking off the port bow. They're charging weapons.

Picard: Raise shields, red alert.

Benson: Return fire!

Picard: Brace for impact!

The Enterprise is in spacedock, undergoing repairs from the Battle of the Bassen Rift.

"Captain's log, stardate 57189.4. The Enterprise has been undergoing extensive repairs in spacedock after the Battle of the Bassen Rift. My first officer, Will Riker, has just assumed command of the USS Titan, so now I must search for a new one. My personal opinion is that I will never be able to find one to replace Will."

Picard is in his ready room reading a list of first officers. One of them catches his eye, so he contacts Admiral Johnson to inquire about him.

Picard: Admiral, are you busy?

Johnson: Oh, Jean-Luc. No.

Picard: Good, I wanted to ask you something.

Johnson: What is it?

Picard: Are you familiar with a John Benson?

Johnson: Hmm, yes, I think so, why?

Picard: I am looking for a new first officer.

Johnson: Oh yes, I heard about Will leaving. I believe Mr. Benson is on the starbase right now.

Picard: Well then, I will pay him a visit. Thank you, admiral, Picard out.


Picard finds Benson walking down a corridor on the starbase.

Picard: Commander, are you busy?

Benson: Oh, no sir.

Picard; I was wondering if you were available.

Benson: Available?

Picard: How would you like to be the first officer on the Enterprise?

Benson: First officer on the Enterprise? Really?

Picard: Yes, I am in need of one.

Benson: Wait, you're Captain Picard, aren't you? I heard the Enterprise was in spacedock getting repairs.

Picard: Well, do you accept?

Benson: Uhhhh, sure. I'll have to get my stuff.

Picard: Meet me on the Enterprise tomorrow at 08:00.

Benson: Okay, I'll be there. Thanks captain.


Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher has come to visit his mother on the Enterprise.

Wesley: Mom?

Dr. Crusher: Oh, Wesley! [she hugs him] how have you been, Wes?

Wesley: I've been well. I've been with the traveler most of the time, but I had heard that you were here and I wanted to come see you.

Dr. Crusher: Oh, Wesley, I'm so happy to see you.

Wesley: I'm happy to see you too. Is Captain Picard here too?

Crusher: Yes. He should be on the bridge.

Wesley: Okay, I wanted to see him while I was here.

Crusher: Well, goodbye, Wesley. Be careful.

Wesley: I will, mom.


Wesley enters the bridge.

Wesley: Where's the captain?

La Forge: Oh, he's in his ready room. Nice to see you again, Wes.

Wesley: It's nice to see you too.

Wesley walks into the ready room.

Wesley: Captain?

Picard: Oh, Wesley, sit down. How are you?

Wesley: I'm fine. I wanted to stop by while you were still here.

Picard: Well, I'm certainly pleased to see you.

Wesley notices an android sitting in the corner.

Wesley: Is that Data's brother?

Picard: Oh yes, B-4.

Wesley: I read your report.

Picard: I just wish that Data were still alive to see his brother growing up.

Wesley: What do you mean?

Picard: Well before Data was killed, he transferred all of his memory to B-4 in hopes that he would be able to retain it, but Data didn't live to see his brother's progress.

Wesley: Well, I need to go.

Picard: Wes, it was nice talking to you.

Wesley: It was nice talking to you too.

Picard picks up a PADD and looks over duty rosters.

Worf: Captain, there's a message coming in from Starfleet. It's for you.

Picard: Put it through to my ready room.

Worf: Yes, sir.

Johnson: Jean-Luc?

Picard: Oh, Admiral Johnson, what may I do for you?

Johnson: Jean-Luc, I have a top secret mission for you, so you must listen carefully.

Picard: What is it?

Johnson: You must not tell any of your crew what I'm about to discuss with you.

Picard: Yes, admiral.


John Benson walks off the turbolift and onto the bridge, wearing his new commander's uniform.

Worf: Sir.

Benson walks over to the first-officer's chair and sits down.

Benson: Not bad.

Just then, Picard walks out of his ready room.

Benson: Captain.

Picard: At ease, commander.

Worf: Captain, message coming in from spacedock, audio only.

Picard: Put it through.

Dockmaster: Enterprise, you are clear to leave spacedock.

Picard: Acknowledged. Gibson, take us into warp.

Gibson: What is our heading, captain?

Picard: Set heading to coordinates 074 mark twenty-eight.

Gibson: Yes, sir.

The Enterprise goes to warp.

Benson: Where exactly are we headed, captain?

Picard: I'm afraid it's classified.

Benson: I see.

Picard: All I can tell you is that who or what we're looking for may intend harm to the Federation.


Meanwhile, the crew of a Klingon vessel lies in wait for the Enterprise.

Klingon officer: [in Klingonese] Captain! A Federation starship has just dropped out of warp!

Kardok: Ready weapons. Officer Telnok, prepare a boarding party.

Telnok: Yes, sir.


Worf's console beeps.

Worf: Intruder alert!

Picard: Where?

Worf: Deck 16, main engineering.

Picard: Mr. La Forge, get down there.

Worf and La Forge exit the bridge.

The Klingons make it to an air return in main engineering. Telnok lifts the vent. A firefight ensues, leaving one of the Klingons dead and two engineers injured. The Klingons finally retreat and beam back to their ship.

La Forge: [over comm] Captain?

Picard: Yes, Mr. La Forge?

La Forge: The intruders are gone.

Picard: What do you mean?

La Forge: They transported back to their ship. That's not all, captain.

Picard: What is it?

La Forge: They're Klingon, sir.

Picard: Understood.

Benson: Captain, they're hailing us.

Picard: On screen.

Benson: It's audio only.

Picard: Put it through.

Kardok: [over comm] Hello, captain.

Picard: Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?

Kardok: I am Kardok.

Picard: Captain Kardok, why have you sent a boarding party onto my ship?

Kardok: I'm afraid I do not know what you are talking about, captain. We are on a mission of peace.

Picard: Oh, but I think you do, captain.

Kardok: I have given you my word as a warrior of the Klingon Empire. Do you now doubt its validity? Are the Federation and Klingon Empire not allies?

Picard: We are indeed, but your ship seems to be the only one nearby, and two of my officers lie injured in our sickbay as we speak.

Kardok: I'm afraid that is none of my concern. Good day, captain.

The channel closes and the Klingon ship cloaks.

Jordan: Captain, they're charging weapons!

Picard: Raise shields, red alert!

The klingons fire on the Enterprise.

Picard: Brace for impact! Return fire.

Benson: Minimal damage to the Klingons, sir.


Worf and La Forge enter sickbay, carrying/dragging the two injured engineers.

Crusher: What happened?

La Forge: The Klingons beamed over and attacked us. These two were hit.

Crusher: I'll do what I can for them.

Picard: [over comm] Mr. Worf, Mr. La Forge, please report to the bridge.

Worf: Acknowledged.

Worf and La Forge enter the bridge.

La Forge: How did negotiations with the Klingons go?

Benson: Apparently they don't like us very much.

Picard: What is the status of their shields?

Worf: Their shields are holding at 73%.

Picard: Fire torpedoes, full spread.

Worf: Firing torpedoes.

The Enterprise is hit.

La Forge: Captain, the ship can't take much more of this!

Worf: Shields down to 48% and dropping!

The Klingons discontinue their attack.

Jordan: Sir, they're going into warp!

Benson: Worf, quick! Target their engines!

Worf: Yes, sir.

The Klingons go to warp before Worf can fire.

Benson: Damn!

Picard: Mr. Gibson, lay in a pursuit course.

Gibson: Aye, sir.


Klingon officer: [in Klingonese] sir, they are pursuing.

Kardok: Good. [in Klingonese] Prepare for a final battle.


Worf: They are dropping out of warp, captain.

Picard: All stop, ensign.

The Klingons cloak.

Picard: Mr. La Forge, divert auxiliary power to the shields.

La Forge: Yes, captain.

The Klingons decloak and fire on the Enterprise.

La Forge is knocked on his back, unconscious.

Picard: Mr La Forge!

Benson: Is he alright?

Worf: Yes.

Picard: Mr. Worf, return fire.


Telnok is killed by falling debris.

Kardok: Destroy them!

Klingon officer: Sir, they are too strong for us! We must retreat!

Kardok: No! we must fight!!


Gibson's console explodes.

Picard: Mr. Worf, target their weapons systems.

Worf: Yes, sir.

The Klingons are disabled.

Klingon officer: Sir, we must retreat, now!

Kardok: [sighs] Get us out of here.

Klingon helmsman: Yes, sir.

Kardok: Open a channel to the Enterprise.

Klingon officer: Open, sir.

Kardok: Consider yourself lucky, Picard. We will meet again, and I will kill you.

Jordan: Captain, they're gone.

Worf: Now what?

Picard: We wait. They will be back; I'm sure of it.

Benson: And we'll be waiting for them.

Picard: [over comm] Doctor to the bridge.

Picard enters sickbay to check on the injured crewmen.

Picard: How are they, doctor?

Crusher: Lt. Henderson should be fine, but I can't do anything for Ensign Daniels.

Benson: What about Gibson and La Forge?

Crusher: Geordi is fine, and Ensign Gibson had some burns. He'll be fine too.

Picard: How are you feeling, Mr. La Forge?

La Forge: I've got a headache, but Dr. Crusher says it will go away soon.

Picard: Good.

Daniels: Captain!

Picard: Yes?

Daniels: It-it's... been an... honor to... serve under... you s-sir... I-I...

Dr. Crusher pulls a sheet over him and lowers her head.


Johnson: [over comm] Hello again, Jean-Luc.

Picard: Admiral.

Johnson: Did you find anything?

Picard: Yes, actually.

Johnson: Well?

Picard: We were attacked by a Klingon vessel. They have sustained heavy damage, but they escaped.

Johnson: I see. How's your ship?

Picard: We sustained a bit of damage ourselves, but we're holding together.

Johnson: Return to Earth. We have much to talk about.

Picard: But admiral, we can conduct repairs on the ship, and search for the Klingons as well.

Johnson: I don't doubt that, but I need to talk to you personally.

Picard: Yes admiral, Picard out.


Johnson: Ah, captain.

Picard: Hello, admiral.

Johnson: These are dangerous times, Jean-Luc. We must be careful who we trust.

Perry's aide: Sir, I've got some reports for you.

Perry: Take them to my office. I'll read them later.

Perry's aid: Yes, sir.

Johnson: I believe there may be spies in Starfleet.

Picard: Spies?

Johnson: Yes. I believe they may be working for the secret society I told you about.

Picard: I see.

Johnson: Once the Enterprise has gotten repairs, you will receive your orders. The fact that you were attacked by Klingons disturbs me.

Picard: Yes, me as well.

Perry: We have agents searching for their true identities.

Picard: Something the Klingon captain said disturbed me.

Johnson: What's that?

Picard: He said, "We will meet again, and I will kill you." He also knew my name.

Perry: curious.

Picard: indeed.

Kardok: My lord.

X: Did you destroy the Enterprise?

Kardok: No.

X: I fear that they may be more of a threat than I had first realized. You must not let them escape again. They must not find out our plan.

Kardok: Yes, my lord.

To be continued...

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