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Lego Star Trek: The Timeline Incident, abbreviated The Timeline Incident, originally Lego Star Trek, is the second fan fiction story by CaptFredricks, consisting of six chapters within one volume acted out sometime in 2009.

Since Capt never wrote any of the chapters, however, the story itself exists solely in his memory. Because of this, it also does not have a content rating.


TTI occurs in the 2380s; a mysterious temporal anomaly emerges in space, causing time to be distorted. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E attempt to destroy the anomaly before the timeline is irreparably damaged. In the meantime, several old foes are resurrected and try to destroy them.

Volume 1

Main article: TTI Volume 1

The first volume of TTI contains six chapters, all of which were acted out in 2009 with CaptFredricks' LEGO mini-figures.


Background and trivia

  • All of the chapters were planned and acted out (with CaptFredricks' LEGOs) in 2009. None were ever given a written storyline, but CaptFredricks still considers this to be one of his first "official" works of fan fiction.
  • This story was originally named Lego Star Trek, but the name was changed to avoid confusion with the later story with the same name. Capt took the new title from the original name of the first chapter (later named "Resistance Is Futile").


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