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Lego Star Trek: The Timeline Incident, abbreviated The Timeline Incident or TTI, originally Lego Star Trek, is a fan series by CaptFredricks, acted out sometime in 2009. It consists of six episodes.

The Timeline Incident was not filmed and no episode scripts exist. The only documentation of the series is a few handwritten notes containing episode titles and descriptions and all of the characters.

The entire series was acted out with a custom LEGO bridge model of the USS Enterprise-D (intended to be the USS Enterprise-E) that CaptFredricks built himself. All of the "cast" of the series were LEGO minifigures that Capt owned, and they didn't necessarily pertain at all to Star Trek.


The Timeline Incident occurs in the 2380s. A mysterious temporal anomaly emerges in space, causing time to be distorted. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E attempt to destroy the anomaly before the timeline is irreparably damaged. In the meantime, several old foes are resurrected and try to destroy them.


# Title Stardate Acted out
1 "Resistance Is Futile" Unknown 2009
A temporal anomaly damages the timeline, causing Data and the Borg Queen to be resurrected. The Queen mounts an attack on the Alpha Quadrant, intent on wreaking havoc on the Federation.
2 "Dogs of War" Unknown 2009
The temporal anomaly resurrects Khan Noonien Singh and James T. Kirk. Khan immediately begins attacking Federation outposts, frantically searching for Kirk.
3 "Silent Running" Unknown 2009
Shinzon is resurrected by the temporal anomaly. He once again attempts to destroy Earth.
4 "The Hunt Continues" Unknown 2009
Captains Picard and Kirk team up to defeat their old adversaries.
5 "Fallen Hero" Unknown 2009
James T. Kirk is killed while attempting to defeat the combined forces of Khan Noonien Singh, the Borg Queen and Praetor Shinzon.
6 "The Final Mission" Unknown 2009
Jean-Luc Picard is given one final mission: defeat the remaining forces of the Borg and Remans.



Jean-Luc Picard (6) • William T. Riker (6) • Data (6) • Geordi La Forge (6) • Worf (6) • Beverly Crusher (6) • Borg Queen (4) • Five of Six (4) • Three of Seven (4) • James T. Kirk (3) • Khan Noonien Singh (3) • Shinzon (4)


USS Enterprise-E (6)


Background and trivia

  • All of the episodes were acted out (with CaptFredricks' LEGO minifigures) in 2009. None were ever given a script, but CaptFredricks still considers this to be one of his first works of fan fiction.
  • This series was originally named Lego Star Trek, but the name was changed to avoid confusion with the later story with the same name. Capt took the new title from the original name of the first episode (later renamed "Resistance Is Futile").