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Lego Star Trek, abbreviated LST, is a fan series by CaptFredricks, written and acted out in 2010. It consists of two episodes.

Lego Star Trek was not filmed. The first episode was acted out with LEGO minifigures, and later it received a script. The second episode's script was written, but it was never acted out. A third episode was planned, but it never made it past that stage. Some very basic story elements were borrowed from its predecessor, Lego Star Trek: The Timeline Incident.


A mysterious foe threatens the survival of the Federation, and the USS Enterprise-E is the only ship that can stop them. The Enterprise tangles with a Klingon vessel, the IKS Pak'tu, whose captain is hellbent in fulfilling his master's wishes.


# Title Stardate Published
1 "Lego Star Trek" 57189.4 2010
The USS Enterprise-E is sent to uncover a plot to destroy the Federation. Their orders, however, cannot prepare the crew for what they find.
2 "The Hunt Continues" 57823.6 2010
The crew of the USS Enterprise-E pursues the IKS Pak'tu and attempts to apprehend its crew, but the Klingons seemingly have no intention of surrendering.
3 "The Final Mission" Unknown 2010 (planned only)



Gibson (2) • Jean-Luc Picard (2) • John Benson (2) • Johnson (1) • Wesley Crusher (1) • Beverly Crusher (2) • Geordi La Forge (2) • B-4 (2) • Worf (2) • Kardok (2) • Telnok (1) • Jordan (2) • Henderson (1) • Daniels (1) • Perry (2) • X (2)
Referenced only
William T. Riker (2) • The Traveler (1) • Data (2) • EMH (1)


USS Enterprise-E (2) • IKS Pak'tu (2)
Referenced only
USS Titan (1)


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