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Lego Star Trek, abbreviated LST, is a fan series by CaptFredricks, written and acted out in 2010. It consists of two episodes within a single season.

Lego Star Trek was not filmed. The first episode was acted out with LEGO minifigures, and later it received a script. The second episode's script was written, but it was never acted out. A third episode was planned, but it never made it past that stage. Some very basic story elements were borrowed from its predecessor, Lego Star Trek: The Timeline Incident.


A mysterious foe threatens the survival of the Federation, and the USS Enterprise-E is the only ship that can stop them. The Enterprise tangles with a Klingon vessel, the IKS Pak'tu, whose captain is hellbent in fulfilling his master's wishes.

Season 1

Main article: LST Season 1

The first and only season of LST contains two episodes. A third was planned but never received a script. The first episode was acted out with CaptFredricks' LEGO minifigures, and the first two were written later in 2010.

# Title Stardate Published
1 "Lego Star Trek" 57189.4 2010
The USS Enterprise-E is sent to uncover a plot to destroy the Federation. Their orders, however, cannot prepare the crew for what they find.
2 "The Hunt Continues" 57823.6 2010
The crew of the USS Enterprise-E pursues the IKS Pak'tu and attempts to apprehend its crew, but the Klingons seemingly have no intention of surrendering.
3 "The Final Mission" Unknown 2010 (planned only)


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