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Law was a male Romulan who previously served as a peacekeeper in Paradise City on Nimbus III. In 2409, he requested asylum from either the United Federation of Planets or Klingon Empire in exchange for revealing the whereabouts of a powerful figure in the Orion Syndicate.[1]

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Law was a man of somewhat advanced years. His weathered and rugged appearance matched his environment.[2]

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On 21 October 2409 (83832.9), Law was tracked down by a Gorn assassin working for Hassan the Undying. The two had a duel in the back streets of Paradise City, and Law prevailed. He was then approached by away teams from the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI' who were intent on stopping the sale of thalaron weapons that were in the hands of the Orion Syndicate. Law agreed to help them in exchange for asylum on one of their vessels, as he grew weary of being a target of the Syndicate.[2]

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