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This temporary government was formed with the founding of the LMC Expedition represents all the members of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance in the Milky Way Galaxy and was founded in 2416. Fleet Admiral Simon Smith is the Commander of the whole operation and has a council of members represent each government. The goal of the Alliance was to establish influence in the totally new galaxy and for possible expansion.

Members of the Alliance Edit

Handpicked by the Alpha Quadrant Alliance.

United Federation of Planets Edit

Representing the Federation is Commodore Jane Simmons. The Federation is tasked with Diplomatic relations and exploration.

Klingon Empire Edit

Representing the Klingon Empire is Brigadier Rak'Tu. The Klingon empire is tasked with Offense and defense.

Romulan Republic Edit

Representing the Romulan Republic is Subadmiral Galora Vasa. The Romulan Republic is tasked with Technology and scientific developments and discovery.

Cardassian Union Edit

Representing the Cardassian Union is Legate Dosvar. The Cardassian Union is tasked with Intelligence operation.

Ferengi Alliance Edit

Representing the Ferengi Alliance is Schoka. The Ferengi Alliance is tasked with Trade Negotiation.

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