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Lieutenant commander Kyle Clarkson is a Human male who lives in the 23rd century, and did serve the Federation Starfleet, and he was dishonorably discharged for an incident that wasn't his fault and he's currently serving on board the ECS Jamestown as the chief engineer, then a year later he was reinstated into Starfleet and he's assigned to the Constitution USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor. (Starship Enterprise)

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Kyle Clarkson was born on March 23rd, in 2233 in Scotland on Earth to William and Anne Clarkson, and his father was preparing him to run the farm from an early age. Kyle met John while he was in Zefram Cochrane high school and they became good friends and look out for each other, William was grooming his son to run the farm after his death but Kyle wants a better life for himself like be a Starfleet officer.

His mother Anne encouraged him to do what he wants to do and that she'll back her son all the way and he applied for Starfleet Academy to be an engineer, and his father resented him and never talked to him for many years.

Starfleet service careerEdit

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Kyle entered Starfleet Academy in 2248.

USS IntrepidEdit

Kyle worked with Martin for the last 3 years on board the USS Intrepid, and they made a close bond with each other like brothers.

Starfleet Corps of EngineeringEdit

After serving on board the Intrepid Lieutenant Clarkson worked with Starfleet Corps of Engineers, while working on a project to help the Andorian colonists there was an accident that Commodore Bradley Johnson blamed the Lieutenant for and kicked him out of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

ECS JamestownEdit

Soon afterwards, falling "off the wagon" hard and staying there for a long time, he currently services on board the Earth cargo vessel ECS Jamestown as chief engineer. And is doing great in his work not having to wear a Starfleet uniform but unknown to him his best friend has been watching him from time to time.

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