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Kunjek was a male Nausicaan who served aboard the Snap Dragon during the 25th century. He often fought alongside his crewmates in the Shangdu nightclub's arena on Nimbus III.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

On ca. stardate 83832.9, Kunjek and the rest of the Snap Dragon crew fought in the Shangdu nightclub's indoor arena against officers of the USS Leviathan and IKS SuvwI', as well as Komodo, a bounty hunter. Kunjek's first offensive move was against Kardok, but he was deflected by Masc Taggart. Kunjek briefly pinned Taggart to a wall, but Taggart managed to escape before he could land any blows.[1]

Further into the fight, Kunjek was body slammed by Jason Fredricks, who managed to subdue him shortly thereafter.[2]

After the skirmish ended, Komodo took Kunjek and the rest of the living crew of the Snap Dragon with him to cash in their bounties.[3]

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