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Kolez was a male Saurian who served in Starfleet during the 25th century as a security officer assigned to Administrator Willa Post of the Vega colony. He held the rank of ensign as of 2409.[1][2]

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By stardate 83165.2, Kolez was serving as a personal guard to Administrator Willa Post of the Vega colony on Vega IX when the Borg attacked the colony. He almost mistook an away team led by Jason Fredricks for Borg, having allowed fear to overwhelm him. Post told him to lower his weapon as Jason and the others approached, and she informed them of the situation. When Jason's team decided to go directly into the heart of the Borg infestation, Kolez armed them with phaser rifles and gave Jason a photon grenade satchel.[1][2]

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Kolez seemed to be easily spooked, as evidenced when he mistook a friendly away team for Borg drones. He had enough fortitude to be assigned to Willa Post as her bodyguard, however.[1][2]

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