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The Knuckonians, also called Metal Raptors (because of their excessive armor and gear), were an ancient species of warriors from the planet Knucker, and were the founders of the Dragon Alliance.

History Edit

The Knuckonians where once engaged in a civil war, centuries before encountering the Dragon Dracomancers, who helped unify the seven warring clans on their world. In 2012, the Knuckonians attempted to destroy Earth's moon, but they failed, costing the life of one of their proud leaders, Gyegar. The Knuckonians then left humanity to its fate and continued expanding their empire elsewhere. They encountered several violent and dangerous races before Gyegar's death. In 1700, they fought a war against their planetary neighbors, the Safecinians, defeating them. In 1886, they defeated the Daleks, and in 1955, they defeated the Vulge. They waged a one hundred year war between themselves and the Vasari. After the Vasari fell in 2500, their Skaarj allies followed as well. The Knuckonians' home planet was called Knucker, and they were allied with the Voth Empire and the aliens they defeated. They became the founding members of the alliance known as the Dragon Alliance.

Physiology Edit

The Knuckonians were a reptilian species, comparable to the Gorn and the Voth. However, the Knuckonians possessed tails, something the Gorn and Voth lacked.

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