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Klingon War is a story arc that spans chapters 3 - 12 and 17 - 19 of Star Trek: Federation Legacy.

It is split down the middle by the four-chapter long Spectres arc.


Starfleet Command gives Jason Fredricks permanent command of the Leviathan, a ship with only junior-ranking officers remaining aboard. The ship gains several new crewmen, including Tala Jones, serving as first officer and tactical officer; Vance L'eher as security chief, Dylyp Azeli as operations officer; Lenerea Mendel as communications officer; and Th'vol Olethla as chief engineer, taking over for the deceased Jhael Onika.


# Title Stardate Published
3 "Stranded in Space" 83180.5 1 August 2013
The USS Leviathan comes to the aid of a Bolian freighter, the SS Azura, that has fallen under attack by Orion pirates.
4 "Diplomatic Orders" 83189.1 4 September 2013
A simple mission to escort a Vulcan ambassador to the P'Jem monastery goes awry when the Klingons claim that he is an Undine spy.
5 "Hide and Seek" 83195.9 14 October 2013
The crew of the USS Leviathan discovers an illegal mining operation by the Gorn Hegemony in the Lackey system, and a Klingon listening post hidden deep within the Paulson Nebula.
6 "Stop the Signal" 83209.6 6 November 2013
While visiting his nephew, Lucas, on the USS Leviathan, Remus Wells is accused of selling Federation weapons to the Klingon Empire.
7 "Researcher Rescue" 83234.7 - 83235.4 8 December 2013
The USS Leviathan gains two new crew members – one, an old friend of Jason Fredricksthe other, his former lover who now has a strong distaste for him.
8 "The Kuvah'Magh" 83259.8 5 March 2014
The USS Leviathan is ordered to Regulus IV to mediate peace talks between the Federation and Klingon Empire. However, the crew soon finds out that not everyone wants peace.
9 "War Is Good for Business" 83295.3 - 83301.7 24 March 2014
After a failed away mission leads to the deaths of several crewmen, Jason Fredricks begins having qualms about serving in Starfleet. The crew attempts to adjust to Jason's replacement, Commander Jarek Davis.
10 "Treasure Trading Station" 83262.2 3 July 2014
While Jason Fredricks contemplates whether to return to Starfleet or take a different path, the crew of the USS Leviathan attempts to expose Commander Jarek Davis' ties to the Tal Shiar.
11 "Secret Orders" 83274.6 20 November 2014
Following a lead given by the Orion defector Marta, the USS Leviathan is sent to the Briar Patch to find a hidden Klingon base there. After suffering through the trauma brought on by the death of Jhael Onika, Phil Schrader considers stepping down from the position of chief engineer.
12 "Task Force Hippocrates" 83290.3 - 83292.9 1 May 2015
The crew of the USS Leviathan deals with the aftermath of their two engineers' deaths during an assignment to the Federation-Klingon border. While there, they uncover a secret Klingon plot to use genetic engineering for an unknown purpose.
13 - 16 Spectres arc
17 "The Ultimate Klingon" 83626.4 - 83633.1 30 July 2016
After Gorn augments bomb Tycho City, Luna and the Korvat colony, Dylyp Azeli and Ernie Hauser are sent on a secret mission to H'atoria where they encounter a geneticist who aims to artificially breed a race of super soldiers.
18 "The Doomsday Device" 83685.3 20 October 2016
The USS Leviathan is dispatched to the Donia system by Starfleet Intelligence to confirm suspicions that an ancient weapon of mass destruction has fallen into the hands of a dangerous foe.
19 "Past Imperfect" 83738.2 19 November 2017
In a desperate final move, B'vat travels back in time using the Guardian of Forever to wage war with the Federation and change the timeline in favor of the Klingon Empire.




Background and trivia[]

This arc is loosely based on the Klingon War arc from Star Trek Online.