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The Klingon Empire was a major interplanetary government in the Beta Quadrant. It was made up primarily of the Klingon species and several others it had integrated into its society through conquest.

Government Edit

The governing body of the Klingon Empire was called the Klingon High Council. It was led by the chancellor, and representatives from 24 Great Houses sat on it as well.

Some individuals viewed the House of Mo'Kai as shameful to the Empire.[1]

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War withe the Federation Edit

Prior to 2408, the Empire went to war with the Federation.[2]

By 10 February 2409 (83195.9), the Klingons had established a listening post on an asteroid in the Lackey system's Paulson Nebula. Even though the system was Federation-controlled, the listening post was not immediately uncovered due to its covert location deep inside the nebula. In fact, the listening post was actually discovered by accident due to a message uncovered by Starfleet Intelligence from an Undine spy that referenced the Paulson Nebula.[3]

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Despite being one of the member species, some Gorn "separatists" were disloyal to both the Empire and the Orion Syndicate. A significant number of separatists resided on Nimbus III.[4]

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