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Lord Klarrn was a male Knuckonian who lived during the 27th century. He served in the Dragon Dracomancers guild on the Knuckonian homeworld[1] and held the rank of general as of 2700.[2]

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Klarrn opposed the Dragon Council's decision to go to war with the Eagle Alliance on the basis that there was not enough proof to accuse the Eagles of breaking the peace treaty. Klarrn was overruled, as the majority of the Council sided with Lord Sleacherling, and the Dragons went to war.[1]

In January of 2700, Klarrn and his companion Sy met with Lucifer, a Cylon commander, and Lucia Li Lefron, an officer in the Eastern Alliance in a weapons development facility on Knucker. Klarrn expressed discontent at Sleacherling's tactics in the war, comparing them to Esdeath's inhumane practices. He and Sy then bore witness to Jul 'Mdama throwing a Turei into a stack of barrels.[3]

In an alternate timeline, Klarrn was on Crono 15 when the SSV Normandy arrived. He was discussing the war with Sy and that it made no sense to him why the Eagle Alliance would want war. Klarrn also showed frustration in regards to his step-brother, Sleacherling.[4]

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