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L'Tema was the sole surviving Iconian from when the Terran Empire attacked from the future. She was saved Michael Henley, a Terran MACO; who was an undercover operative of the Interspecies Resistance. He cared and nurtured her and has given her to the Preservers who continued to care for her through the years. Because of this, L'Tema never harbored resentment or grudges. Some point she discovered the Antosians on Antos IV where she learned and mastered metamorphic biochemistry control. She was to shift into a Female Terran form and took on the name Kendra Rodgers. She later joined the Interspecies Resistance and played a vital role as an infiltrator.

Infiltrating the Empire Edit

Kendra Rodgers was one of many infiltrator of the Resistance to get a position in the Terran Empire. Her job was more difficult, She was task in becoming a Admiral. She had to make a lot of sacrifices and do terrible things, especially to her own people. However, she was train for it and succeeded in become Admiral and Chief of Imperial intelligence.

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