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Kelly Dana Martin was a female Human-Trill hybrid who served in Starfleet during the 25th century as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise-F. She held the rank of captain.

Kelly was the daughter of Admiral John Martin and Ezri Dax.[1]


Early life[]

Kelly was born on 13 February 2381 to Ezri Dax and John Martin at Starfleet Medical. Both Ezri and John were happy that they have a child.

Starfleet service career[]

Starfleet Academy[]

In 2400, at the age of 19 she entered Starfleet Academy in the same field her father and mother trained in and she passed all of her classes with flying colors and she graduated top of her field.

USS Peterson[]

In 2401, while on board the USS Peterson a Nebula-class ship training the ship was ambushed by a Klingon squadron led by a Klingon Captain that thinks the treaty is a dishonorable way of winning a war.

USS Jonesboro[]

In the same here she was posted to the USS Jonesboro, a Galaxy-class starship as first officer while on a mission the ship came under attack by a squadron of Klingon warships that caused massive damage to the ship and killed the Captain forcing Commander Martin to take command and get the ship back to the nearest starbase.

USS Enterprise-F[]

In 2409, Captain Martin was taken to her new ship the USS Enterprise-F and was given command of the ship by her father Admiral John Martin, and she got to hand pick her crew for the mission that she was going to be given. (Star Trek: The New Generation)

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