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Kardok was a male Klingon officer in command of the IKS Pak'tu. In 2380, he was sent to prey upon Federation vessels by X. This led the Pak'tu into several skirmishes with the USS Enterprise-E, and eventually left his ship destroyed, and his fate unknown.

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On stardate 57189.4, the IKS Pak'tu lay in wait for an unsuspecting Federation starship to fall into their grasp. Upon detecting the USS Enterprise-E entering the system they were hiding in, Kardok told his crew to prepare for combat and had officer Telnok prepare a boarding party. Telnok's group engaged the Enterprise crewmen on the engineering deck of the Enterprise, but were forced to retreat to the Pak'tu.

Kardok then decided to speak to his foe, and hailed the Enterprise. After a brief conversation with Captain Jean-Luc Picard in which he denied sending a boarding party to the Enterprise and instead claimed to be on a mission of peace, Kardok had the Pak'tu engage the Enterprise in combat. After a short skirmish, the Pak'tu went into warp, and the Enterprise hotly pursued. During the second battle, things did not go as well for the Klingon crew; Telnok was killed and their weapons disabled. Kardok ordered a retreat, and his parting words to Captain Picard were, "Consider yourself lucky, Picard. We will meet again, and I will kill you." The Enterprise did not pursue them further.[1]

On stardate 57823.6, the Enterprise began tracking the Pak'tu, and they managed to locate its warp trail. Several hours into their search, the Pak'tu decloaked and attacked them. After a couple more skirmishes, the Pak'tu again is forced to retreat. The Enterprise was damaged enough that Kardok and a boarding party were able to transport onto the Enterprise's bridge, however. Kardok referred to himself as Picard's "worst nightmare," and attempted to kill him. After a few moments, the Klingons began to have the upper hand, but the android B-4 emerged from Picard's ready room and grabbed Kardok. B-4 then fended off the boarders and forced them back to the Pak'tu. Picard ordered Worf to disable the Pak'tu's engines, but the ship had evidently taken more damage than they realized, as it was destroyed by the volley of photon torpedoes.[2]

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  • Kardok was created by CaptFredricks for Lego Star Trek in 2010, serving as the primary antagonist of the story. He was later reused for Star Trek Out of Reality, a spin-off of Lego Star Trek, which takes place a century earlier, in 2259. There is no explanation for how he ended up over a hundred years prior to the events of Lego Star Trek.
  • Kardok is the only character to appear in every chapter of Lego Star Trek and Star Trek Out of Reality (this does not take into account chapters that were never written).

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