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"Kardok's Revenge" is the second chapter of the first volume of Star Trek Out of Reality, written sometime in 2012. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

Kardok hires an assassin to track down Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy, and bring them to him, alive. Meanwhile, Samara Johnson, a former servant of X, joins the trio, seemingly having a change of heart.

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Characters Edit

  1. James T. Kirk (Teaser)
  2. Spock
  3. Leonard McCoy
  4. Kardok
  5. Zronto
  6. Samara Johnson (Act I)

Referenced only Edit

  1. X (Teaser)

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Background and trivia Edit

  • This chapter was never published on FanFiction, but it can be read here on the wiki.
  • The original title was "Star Trek II: Kardok's Revenge". It was changed to simply "Kardok's Revenge" when the story was added to the wiki.

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Kirk: Captain's log, stardate... well, to tell the truth, I don't know the stardate. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and I have been trying to find a way to get back to our own reality; so far to no avail. I'm beginning to wonder if there if there even is a way.

Spock: Jim?

Kirk: What is it, Spock?

Spock: I believe we may have to consider the possibility of not getting back to our reality.

Kirk: Yes, I just don’t want to give up hope just yet.

McCoy: Well, Jim... if we don't get back, what will we do?

Kirk: I don't know, Bones. I don't know.


Kardok: Are you the one called Zronto?

Assassin: Yeah, what's it to ya?

Kardok: There are some men that turned against my master, and I need you to eliminate them.

Assassin: So, let me get this straight... there are some guys who obviously escaped your powerful grip, and now you want me to take care of them?

Kardok: That is correct.

Assassin: Well, I'm in.

Kardok: Good.

Assassin: For the right price.

Kardok: Fine. How's this? (hands him some money)

Assassin: Well, mister...

Kardok: I'd prefer to keep my name anonymous for now.

Assassin: Alright. So where are these guys you want me to take care of?

Kardok: Come with me.

Kirk: Spock, are you sure there's no way to get back?

Spock: I have considered every option captain and I assure you...

(they hear footsteps and a loud noise)

McCoy: What was that?

Kirk: I don't know.

(they grab their phasers and hear gunfire)

Kirk: Come on!

McCoy: Well, Jim, it seems whoever this is has managed to cut off our only escape route.

Kirk: Calm down, Bones, there's always a way out.

McCoy: Did you say something?

Kirk: No...

Johnson: You need help?

Kirk: Huh?

(he points phaser at her)

Johnson: Hey! Don't shoot!

Kirk: I remember you. You were working for X.

Johnson: Yeah, X's dead, and now Kardok is out to get you.

Spock: Out to get us?

Johnson: Yeah, and we won’t stop until you're all dead. So... you want a way out?

Kirk: Yeah, that would be nice.

(Johnson runs towards the gunfire)

McCoy: Where's she going?

Kirk: I don't know, but if she can get us out of here...

McCoy: Jim! Are you out of your damn mind?? She could be leading us into a trap!

Kirk: I'd rather risk it out there than in here! Come on!

(they all walk outside)

McCoy: I don't hear anything.

Kirk: Strange...

(Spock raises his eyebrow)


McCoy: I wonder what happened to that guard.

Kirk: I don’t know.

(Kirk glances at Spock)

Kirk: What is it, Spock?

Spock: I was just thinking.

McCoy: About what?

Spock: Why did she help us? It does not seem logical. After all, she was working for X.

Kirk: I don't know. Maybe she had a change of heart.

(they hear rustling in the bushes)

Johnson: Hey guys, mind if I join you?

McCoy: How in the blazes do you keep doing that?!

Johnson: Doing what, doctor?

McCoy: How do you know that I'm a doctor?

Johnson: I looked you up.

(Spock raises an eyebrow)

Johnson: You're Mr. Spock. And you're Captain Kirk, I presume.

Spock: Fascinating.

Kirk: It seems you know us more than we know you.

McCoy: So... who do we have pleasure of addressing, miss...

Johnson: Johnson, Samara Johnson.

Kirk: Well, Miss Johnson...

Johnson: Call me Samara.

Kirk: Samara... How is it that you wound up working for X?

Johnson: I dunno. I was working at Starfleet as a guard already and when he attacked, he made some people work for him, while others joined him willingly.

McCoy: So, which were you?

Johnson: Uh... so, you guys need food? I have some supplies.

Kirk: May I ask you something?

Johnson: Sure.

Kirk: Why are you helping us?

Johnson: Because... well, I don’t know... when you killed X, I didn't know what to do, so I decided to follow you.

Kirk: Uh-huh... well, thank you for the food. You're welcome to stay here if you like. We’re leaving early tomorrow, so we should be getting to sleep.

Johson: Sure. I could use some shut-eye.

(They all lie down)

Kirk: Night Bones.

McCoy: Goodnight, Jim.

Kirk: Goodnight, Spock.

Spock: Goodnight, Jim. Goodnight, doctor.

McCoy: Goodnight, Spock.

Johnson: Uh... goodnight...

(Kirk yawns)

McCoy: Jim! Where'd she go??

Kirk: What?

McCoy: The guard, you know... Samara?

Kirk: I don’t know. Where's Spock?

McCoy: Maybe he's out meditating or doing one of his sacred Vulcan rituals.

Kirk: Bones, this is serious. We've got to find him.

McCoy: Well I hope he's not in trouble.

Kirk: I just wanna make sure he's alright with Kardok after us.

McCoy: Fine, fine with me.

Kirk: Come on.


McCoy: Well, I don't see him anywhere, Jim.

Kirk: Where could he be?

McCoy: I don't know.

Kirk: We've got to keep looking.

McCoy: Can't we rest for a little while first?

Kirk: No, Bones. We've got to find him. If you were missing, don't you think he would search until he found you?

McCoy: Well, I don't know, I'm not him.

Kirk: Just come on.

(they hear a twig snap in the woods)

Kirk: Wait, did you hear that?

(they turn around and nearly are hit by phaser bolts)

Kirk: Watch out!

(Johnson runs towards them)

McCoy: Where have you been?

Johnson: Searching for Spock.

Kirk: But when we got up, you were already gone.

Johnson: Yeah, I woke up early and saw he was gone, so I decided to go look for him.

McCoy: Well, how thoughtful of you.

Kirk: Bones...

McCoy: How do you plan to get us out this time?

Johnson: Follow me.

Kirk: Do you know who is following us?

Johnson stops walking.


Johnson: This way.

Kardok: Why hello there, Mr. Spock is it? Remember me?

Spock: Kardok.

Kardok: So you do. Are you familiar with a certain guard of mine named Samara Johnson?

Spock: Yes.

Kardok: Ah good.

Spock: Why do you ask?

Kardok: Because, she is the one who brought you to me.

Spock: So you are implying that she is still working for you and that you sent her to befriend us only to lead to our capture?

Kardok: Precisely, only not in so many words.

Spock: You do realize that my friends will not stop until they find me?

Kardok: Yes, in fact, I'm counting on it.


Kirk: So, where are we headed?

Johnson: Um, I'm not sure.

McCoy: Oh, so our brilliant-minded savior is lost?

Kirk: (chuckles)

Johnson: Is he always like this?

Kirk: Yep.

Johnson: Okay, I think... oh yeah, okay, I know where we are now.

McCoy: Good to know.

Johnson: (spins around and draws her phaser)

Kirk: Whoa, what are you doing?

Johnson: Please make him stop!! He's driving me insane!

Kirk: Yeah, well... you'll get used to it.

McCoy: So, where are we going? Should I stop and ask for directions?

Johnson: (grumbles to herself) I'm not lost.

Kirk: Bones, bones, bones. What am I going to do with you?



McCoy: I feel like we've been going in circles.

Johnson: Come on, it's not too much farther.

Kirk: What's not?

Johnson: Just keep up.

Kirk: Okay, stop.

McCoy: What's wrong Jim? You worn out already?

Kirk: Please tell us where we're going.

Johnson: To find your friend.

Kirk: We've been walking around for hours. Where are we really going?


Johnson: Get down!

McCoy: Who the hell keeps shooting at us?!

Kirk: I don't know, but I'm about to find out.

Johnson: Are you crazy?!

(Kirk runs through the bushes; a masked figure jumps out at him)

McCoy: Jim watch out!

(The figure tackles Kirk)

McCoy: Come on! We've got to help him!

(Johnson points the phaser at McCoy)

Johnson: I'm sorry, doctor. (she takes his phaser)

McCoy: Are you out of your damn mind?

(Kirk and the figure struggle)

McCoy: Wait a minute! You're working for them, aren't you?

Johnson: You're pretty smart doctor. Come on.

(Kirk manages to escape the figure by bashing him over the head with a rock)

Kirk: Bones? Samara? Where are you? Oh, great, I guess it's up to me, then.

(Kirk begins walking)

Johnson: Here is the doctor, my lord.

Kardok: Very good. Where is the other?

Johnson: The assassin was fighting him when I left.

Kardok: Hmmm. (he turns to the guard) Any word from him?

Guard: No, sir.

Kardok (turns back to Johnson) I have one last task for you. Bring me Kirk – alive.

Johnson: Yes, my lord.

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