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Hassan is the petaQ who killed my younger sister in cold blood. He shall pay for dishonoring the House of Kardok.
2409 ("The Lost City of Paradise")

Kalara[1] – daughter of Tavana – was a Klingon female, the second child of D'Ghor and Tavana. She was also the sister of captain – and later Zenith Alliance operative – Kardok.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Kalara was born in YoK 995 (2369) on Qo'noS to D'Ghor and Tavana. Two years later, her mother had divorced her father, and sent Kalara to live with her grandmother, Kora.[2][a]

Because of her father's dishonor and her mother's young age, Hassan the Undying took Kalara and her older brother, Kardok, under his wing. He began to raise them to become Orion Syndicate members, but Kardok eventually decided to join the Zenith Alliance instead. While Hassan claimed he never meant for them to join in his "dirty work", Kardok maintained that he did.

Kalara seemingly went along with Hassan's wishes until she learned of her brother's fall from grace and banishment from Qo'noS. She then changed her plans, intending to become the greatest warrior of the "era", which greatly upset Hassan. Evidently, she "sold out" Hassan in some way,[3] which led to him murdering her at some point prior to stardate 83832.9.[4]

Legacy Edit

Her older brother, Kardok, and his crew tracked Hassan to Nimbus III and infiltrated his nightclub with the intention of avenging her death. Unfortunately, Kardok failed and was thrown into Hassan's combat arena.[5]

Kardok managed to escape the arena (with help from the crew of the USS Leviathan as well as his own) and avenge Kalara by defeating Hassan and killing him in a fierce duel. He then bid her entry into Sto-vo-kor.[6]

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Notes and references Edit

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