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June is the sixth month of the Human year.

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12 June 2379
Keith Wells is born on Earth.[citation needed]
18 June 2377
Robert Jones is born on Earth.[citation needed]
19 June 2386
Lenerea Mendel is born on the USS Aventine.[1]
20 June 2386
Jhael Onika is born on Sauria.[citation needed]

Real world Edit

11 June 2013
FED: "Khitomer Crisis" is published on FanFiction.netstory premiere.
12 June 2015
Personnel Files (No. 1) is published – story premiere.
16 June 1992
JimmyD123 is born.
17 June 2013
FED: "The Price of Liberty" is published on FanFiction.

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  1. Personnel Files (No. 6), Lenerea's information is listed in her personnel file.

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