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Doctor Julia Cromwell was a female Betazoid who served in Starfleet during the 2400s as chief medical officer of the USS Leviathan.[citation needed] She held the rank of ensign as of 2409.[1]

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Julia served as a nurse under Doctor Travis Murray on the USS Leviathan until stardate 83164.0, when the Leviathan was attacked by a Klingon vessel, and Dr. Murray was killed.[1]

Julia led a small group of junior officers to the bridge to assist the few surviving senior bridge officers and tend to the wounded. She tried her best to save the dying first officer, Henry Fuller, but his wound was too severe. He asked to be given a painless death, and Julia sedated him with a hypospray, easing his suffering.[2]

On stardate 83179.9, Julia joined an away team assisting the SS Azura. She performed triage on several of the Azura's crew while the away team made its way to the Azura's engine room. She and half of the away team nearly perished on the Azura when its warp core began to go critical, and the Leviathan had lost main power. Luckily power was restored and they were rescued in time. Back on the Leviathan, Julia took the survivors from the Azura to sickbay.[3]

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