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Jorel Quinn was a male Trill who served in Starfleet during the 2400s as Chief of Starfleet Operations. He held the rank of fleet admiral as of 2409.

Quinn took pride in his duties, such as being a mentor to several young Starfleet officers, including Jason Fredricks.

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At the memorial ceremony for Taggart and the other fallen officers following the battle at Vega IX, Quinn and Vo'Lok discussed Taggart's choosing of Jason Fredricks over a list of more experienced officers. Quinn referred to Taggart by his first name, indicating the two of them knew each other fairly well.[1]

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Jason thanked Quinn during his valedictory in the Class of 2408 graduation ceremony despite the fact that Quinn was unable to attend. Taggart also mentioned that Quinn spoke highly of Jason.[2]

Jorel was somewhat of a mentor to Jason Fredricks during Jason's days at the Academy.[3]

Jorel considered Jason to be like a son to him, to which Jason reciprocated the father/son relationship.[4]

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  1. Star Trek: Federation Legacy – "The Price of Liberty" (Act I), Quinn is first referenced.

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