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Jonah Willis was a male Human who served in Starfleet during the 2400s in the engineering department of the USS Leviathan. He held the rank of petty officer as of 2409.[1]

Jonah was later locked in the brig for attempting a mutiny.[2]

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Jonah was present in engineering when Dylyp Azeli addressed the crewmen about the position of chief engineer being divided among Hannah Freeman, Will Darrow, and Leo Anderson until a replacement arrived from the USS Cochrane.[3]

He attempted a mutiny on 23 August 2409 (83685.3), believing Captain Jason Fredricks' decision to combat B'vat's planet killer "reckless." Jonah attempted to garner support from several crewmen in the mess hall, including Kevin Briggs and Will Darrow, but they were loyal to the captain. Crusoe attempted to calm Jonah down by telling him of a time when Captain Masc Taggart nearly faced a mutiny, but the crew kept faith in him. Ernie Hauser approached Jonah, and he thought he might have his support as well, but instead Ernie punched him and asked if he was really willing to follow through with the mutiny. Crusoe warned all of them that they were "walking a dangerous path," and Jonah left the mess hall with haste.

He and a few other crewmen attempted their takeover later that day, but were unsuccessful. Jason and Tala Jones were minorly injured in the brief skirmish, but Dylyp and Ernie were able to subdue Jonah's fellow mutineers. Tala called security to the bridge, and Jason told them to "escort these insubordinates to the brig."[4]

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