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Johnson was a male Human Starfleet admiral. It is clear that he held a position of some authority in Starfleet, as he had authorization to send the USS Enterprise-E on a top-secret mission in 2380. He was also a trusted friend to Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard contacted Johnson on stardate 57189.4 to make an inquiry about Commander John Benson, whom he was considering to fill the vacant first officer's position on the USS Enterprise-E. Johnson told Picard that he could likely find Benson on Earth Spacedock.

Johnson later gave Picard confidential orders for a mission to discover evidence of a secret society intending harm to the Federation. Following this mission, he contacted Picard again to ask about the success of the mission. Picard told him of the rogue Klingon vessel which attacked the Enterprise. Johnson ordered the Enterprise to return to Earth, as he wished to talk to Picard face-to-face. When Picard arrived at Earth, Johnson warned him of the growing danger to the Federation, even stating the possibility of spies operating within Starfleet. He was also disturbed by the fact that Klingons had attacked the Enterprise, given the peace treaty with the Klingon Empire. Picard also mentioned something the Klingon captain had said to him: "We will meet again, and I will kill you."[1]

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