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John Palmer[1] was a male Human who lived during the 25th century. He served in Starfleet as an operations division crewman on the USS Leviathan and held the rank of crewman third class[2] until his death in 2409.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

John was a bit skittish, though the circumstances he found himself in before his death may have been why. He initially wanted to flee from Klingon officers and leave a comrade behind, but Walter Bozeman, another fellow officer, convinced him not to. In the end, he sacrificed himself, giving Walt a chance to escape.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

John joined the crew of the USS Leviathan at some point in or prior to 2409. He held the enlisted rank of crewman third class and served in the operations division.[2]

On ca. 21 March (83295.3), John was a member of an away team that was ambushed by Klingons in a cave on an unspecified planet. He and Walter Bozeman overheard their comrade, Délia Molnár screaming, and he wished to flee before they were caught and killed. Walt, however, told him that they should not leave a crewmate behind, and John reluctantly agreed. They managed to find Délia, but unfortunately it was too late. Klingons soon attacked them and they were forced to run, leaving her corpse behind.

John shot the ceiling of the cave with his phaser to cause a cave-in, but it partially backfired as Walt was hit by a rock. John helped him up and the two continued making their way through the caves. They encountered more Klingons, and John was shot in the arm. After sustaining two more hits, he told Walt to go without him while he held off the Klingons. He presumably died afterward.[1]

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