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James "Jim" O'Donnell was a male Human who lived during the 25th century. He served in Starfleet as a security officer on the USS Leviathan[1] and held the rank of ensign until his death in 2409.

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Jim seemed to have a complacent, pessimistic attitude. When Vance L'eher informed the other security officers of the possibility of the vacant security chief position being filled, Jim expressed doubt that he would have any chance of being chosen. He also had little interest in joining the away mission to the SS Azura, but Vance made him go anyway.[1]

Jim later lamented going on the away mission when he believed they would be killed when the Azura's warp core breached. Jason Fredricks ordered him to calm himself, and he tried to do so.[2]

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On stardate 83180.5 (2409), the USS Leviathan responded to a distress call from the freighter SS Azura. Vance L'eher, who was hopeful that he or another one of the security officers would have a chance of filling the empty security chief position, told Kevin Briggs and Jim to join the away team to the Azura with him. Though Jim was reluctant, he complied.[1]

On the Azura, the away team encountered numerous Orion pirates. As the security escort, Vance, Jim, and Kevin took point for most of the mission. After discovering the Azura's warp core was breaching, the away team headed back to the transporter room.[3] When it seemed the Leviathan would not be able to transport them off the doomed freighter in time due to a power failure, Jim resigned all hope. Through the combined efforts of Charlie Morgan, Leo Anderson, and the engineering team on the Leviathan, transporter power was restored, and the away team and Azura crew were rescued.[2]

On stardate 83189.1, Jim joined an away team to P'Jem, escorting Vulcan ambassador Sokketh to visit the Vulcan abbot. Klingon forces had swarmed the planet in search of Undine, who they claimed had infiltrated the Federation. Their suspicions were proven when Sokketh turned out to be an Undine impostor, and the real one was found dead. Jim unfortunately met his end at the hands of the impostor, who threw him violently into a wall, killing him. His corpse was beamed back to the Leviathan afterwards.[4]

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  • Jim did not appear in "Stranded in Space" until a 2016 revision. Thus, his true first appearance is in "Diplomatic Orders".
  • In "Stranded in Space", Jason Fredricks refers to Jim as a crewman, but his actual rank is ensign. Low ranking officers are sometimes generically referred to as crewmen, so it's possible this is not a mistake in dialogue.
  • Jim's death was originally glossed over, and he was not mentioned again after being killed by the Undine. This was an oversight on CaptFredricks' part, because Jim's character was initially only written for the single scene in "Diplomatic Orders".

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