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Jay Yim was a male Human Starfleet officer who served as commanding officer of the USS Khitomer in 2409.[1]

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On 28 January 2409 (83165.2), Yim and his crew on the USS Khitomer encountered a subspace rift in the Pollux system that stranded them. They sent a distress call, and two other Federation vessels quickly came to their aid. Yim briefly spoke to the stand-in commanding officer of the USS LeviathanEnsign Jason Fredricks – and was quite puzzled at why Captain Masc Taggart was no longer in command. After Jason explained the situation, Yim requested assistance with the issue of the subspace rift. While the Leviathan investigated the cause of the rifts in the system, the USS Renown lent aid to the Khitomer.[1]

The Khitomer later reported to the Sol system after a thwarted Borg invasion of the Vega system. Yim congratulated Jason on helping ward off the Borg on Vega IX and successfully evacuating the civilians. He also remarked that Jason would become a capable commander in time.[2]

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