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I'm a Starfleet officer – I was born and bred for this. I've trained for this moment most of my life. It won't be easy, but I think I can finally say – with confidence – I know what I have to do.
Jason Fredricks
2409 ("Task Force Hippocrates")

Jason Thomas Fredricks[1] was a male Human[2] who served in Starfleet during the 2400s as commanding officer of the USS Leviathan. He held the rank of lieutenant commander as of 2409.[3]

He was perhaps best known for becoming one of the youngest starship captains in the history of the Federation, gaining the title at the young age of 22. Despite some initial setbacks, he led his crew competently, becoming a very well-known and respected commander.

His first command was the Leviathan, which he inherited in 2409 following the death of his commanding officer. He received an immediate field promotion to lieutenant from Captain Vo'Lok.[4][5] Though he initially struggled with the duties of command,[6] he soon became a capable commander, receiving another promotion mere months later.[3]

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Jason Thomas Fredricks (serial number JR-327-994) was a Human male born to Thomas and Maria Fredricks on stardate 62089.7 in Winchester, Nevada, Earth.[1] Jason's grandfather died before they had a chance to become close, when Jason was still quite young. One thing Jason did recall about him was his constant "quirky smile."[7]

After explaining a brief history of phaser modulation and the Borg, Jason claimed that all he did in his childhood was study weapons technical manuals.[8] He and Lucas Wells also would pretend to be on Starfleet missions as children.[9]

As a teenager, Jason dreamed of becoming the youngest captain in all of Starfleet, planning to reach captain within two years of graduating Starfleet Academy.[10][1]

One year during high school, Jason cheated on a midterm test. He managed to avoid being found out by the teacher, and even had a friend cover for him. The only pitfall of his plan, however, was his mother. He found that he couldn't "look [her] in the eye and tell her [he] passed the test," when he clearly hadn't on his own merit. He then told his mother what really happened, and received a week's detention for his actions. He did, however, learn "never try to cover up your mistakes."[11]

Starfleet Academy Edit

Jason was admitted to Starfleet Academy upon graduating from Chaparral High School on stardate 78835.6.[1] He had an apartment in downtown San Francisco which he lived in until graduation from the Academy.[2]

He entered a romantic relationship with Lenerea Mendel sometime after joining the Academy, which lasted until around 2407.[12]

On at least one occasion, Jason had a nightmare about serving on a starship and fighting in the Federation-Klingon War. In this nightmare, he was severely burned by an exploding console at his bridge station.[2]

Having been named valedictorian, Jason attended the Class of 2408 graduation in San Francisco on stardate 82513.9.[1] He began his valedictory a bit nervous, but he gained some composure toward the end of it. He thanked both Admiral Quinn and his parents during the speech.

Afterwards, he nearly got into a physical brawl with fellow cadet Daniel Harvey, who was known for having a bad attitude. He insulted Jason numerous times while other cadets tried to deescalate the situation, but Daniel persisted. He finally struck a nerve by insulting Jason's father for enlisting at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Jason would have hit him if not for the intervention of a higher-ranking officer.[13]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

On stardate 82533.4,[1] Captain Masc Taggart chose Jason to be his tactical officer on the USS Leviathan. He was impressed both by Jason's tactical skills and Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn's high praises of him. Jason met several fellow crewmates on the shuttle ride to the Leviathan, which was docked in Earth Spacedock following a refit.

Jason served as the Leviathan's tactical officer for roughly eight months, until stardate 83164.0. He met up with his friend Lucas Wells, who had just been reassigned from the USS ShiKahr, in the Leviathan's mess hall, and the two began reminiscing. Captain Taggart interrupted their conversation with a call to alert status; the Leviathan had just received a distress call. Jason and Lucas met the Leviathan's new first officer, Henry Fuller, on the way to the bridge.

When they arrived, they were told to take their stations. The distress call turned out to be a trap set up by the IKS Chot, which was lying in wait for a Federation ship to prey upon. Several of the senior staff were killed during the Klingons' initial attack, and Jason and Lucas were sent to engineering to fight off boarding parties. Along with help from Jhael Onika and Vance L'eher, they managed to retake engineering and the Klingons fled.

Upon returning to the bridge, however, Jason and Lucas discovered a new plot by the Klingons – the capture of Taggart – but they were too late to prevent him from being taken. Commander Fuller was killed by one of the Klingons, and the burden of command fell to Jason as the highest ranking survivor.[14]

As commanding officer Edit

With only junior officers filling in for the deceased senior staff, the fate of the crew seemed uncertain. Captain Kadek of the Chot opened communications with the Leviathan, threatening to kill Taggart if they did not agree to his terms. Jason and Taggart said their farewells, and the channel was cut. With weapons offline, Jason was prepared to give the order to ram the Chot, but the USS Renown arrived after receiving an encrypted distress call the Leviathan had sent earlier.

Captain Vo'Lok and his crew attempted to rescue Taggart, but the Klingons went to warp. Vo'Lok was prepared to pursue until the Renown's comm officer picked up another distress call, this time from the USS Khitomer. Vo'Lok, knowing that the needs of the many took precedence, contacted the Leviathan and informed them of the new development. Jason, though reluctant, understood Vo'Lok's decision, and decided to accompany the Renown to assist the Khitomer.[15]

In an alternate timeline, the Leviathan was not attacked by the Chot, and instead it proceeded directly to the Vega colony to assist against the Borg attack. The Khitomer's EMH sent a distress call to any ships in range, and Captain Taggart sent Jason and a small away team, consisting of Lucas Wells, Hannah Freeman,[a] Ernie Hauser, and Charlie Morgan, over.
Once aboard the Khitomer, Jason and the away team began to assist the Khitomer's crew as best they could. They first helped Lieutenant Thelis restore the main computer in auxiliary control, and then proceeded to assist Commander Davis in securing engineering from the Borg. Afterward, Davis told Jason that they should return to the Leviathan, sending Tala Jones, an Andorian officer, back with them. On the Leviathan, Jason and the others found Captain Taggart and the rest of the senior officers dead at the hands of the Borg. Jason took command, being the highest-ranking survivor.[16]

Shortly after the incident with the Klingons, the Borg attacked the Federation colony on Vega IX. Jason successfully led a counterattack against the Borg fleet in space, as well as on the surface of Vega IX. Upon returning to Earth after the battle, he visited Admiral Quinn on Earth Spacedock, who gave him a field promotion to lieutenant, and made him the official commander of the Leviathan.[17]

After a series of awry missions, Jason contemplated leaving Starfleet for good. Admiral Quinn gave him a temporary leave of command while he sorted things out. After about a week, Jason was back on his feet and ready to resume command, though not without qualms initially.[6][18]

Jason received a promotion to lieutenant commander on stardate 83468.7 after the successful defeat of the Devidians, who were wreaking havoc on Drozana Station in the 23rd century.[3]

On stardate 83832.9, the Leviathan was tasked by Section 31 operative Franklin Drake to recover thalaron weapon triggers that were believed by Romulan Republic intel to be on the remote planet of Nimbus III. Jason led an away team down to the planet and began covertly inquiring among the residents of Paradise City about the triggers. Jason finally managed to get information from a bar owner named Two of Eight, in exchange for rations and supplies.[19]

Command difficulties Edit

Admiral Quinn considered Jason to be "strong and confident," but he felt Jason, like his father, suffered from strong emotional responses to situations, which could cause him to make indecisive choices. Despite this, Quinn believed he could overcome these tendencies with proper training.

Following the difficulties that arose on stardate 83245.3, Jason was barred from receiving further promotions until he proved he was fit to continue serving as the Leviathan's commanding officer. This remained in effect until at least two months later, on stardate 83440.[1]

According to Franklin Drake, Admiral Quinn was "pressured" by Starfleet Command to decide whether or not Jason should remain in command of the Leviathan. Drake assured Jason that both Quinn and Starfleet Command would be fully convinced of his worth to them after reading of Jason's successful leadership in the mission to stop the Devidians.[20]

Dealings with Section 31 Edit

As with several Starfleet officers before him, Jason caught the attention of Section 31 agents. Franklin Drake was tasked with giving him an assignment that would prove his worth to Section 31. On stardate 83446.1, he sent the Leviathan to the Donatu system to discover what was causing odd environmental problems on ships in the area, as well as determine why True Way ships were being spotted there. If the assignment was successful, Drake intended to ask him to join Section 31, believing Jason might accept his invitation where others had not.

In turn, Jason asked Drake to pardon Elisa Flores, who had been sent to the New Zealand Penal Settlement following her involvement with Jarek Davis' takeover of the Leviathan.[1][21]

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Jason had a lean, muscular build, standing at 185 cm tall with a mass of 82 kg. He had hazel eyes and dark brown hair which he usually kept cut short. His face was lean but full with a moderately spaced jawline. He wore a typical Starfleet uniform with a black body, grey collar, and red trim, while his pants and shoes were standard Starfleet-issue black. His over-shirt donned a standard set of pips and a command division combadge.[1]

Personal life and skills Edit

Jason enjoyed spending recreation time on the holodeck, and had several Wild West programs stored in the ship's computer. He would sometimes play the part of a lawman[22] named Marshal Quinn.[b] In one such program, Quinn and his deputy (played by Lucas Wells) were in the process of arresting Black Bart, a criminal wanted for "at least twenty counts of robbery," but the program was interrupted by a subspace transmission from Starfleet Intelligence.[23]

He kept a collection of old earth weapons in his quarters, including a Winchester rifle, a .44 Magnum revolver, and several rapiers and longswords.[24]

Awards and honors Edit

Jason gave the valedictory during the 2408 Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony, an honor typically reserved for the student(s) with the highest academic achievements.[25]

Jason received a battlefield commission on stardate 83164.0, unofficially, from Captain Masc Taggart due to unusual circumstances, and later, officially, from Captain Vo'Lok.[1][26] Following the decisive battle at Vega IX and Jason's successful evacuation of the planet's colonists, Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn awarded him the Grankite Order of Tactics.[1]

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Jason's father, Thomas Fredricks, took him on a camping trip in 2394 along with Nicholas Wells and his son, Lucas, where they went hiking and canoeing, among other things.

After joining Starfleet, Jason did not talk to his family often. On stardate 83208.6, Remus Wells asked him how his parents were. Jason replied that he hadn't spoken with them since the previous Christmas, almost two months earlier.[27]

By stardate 83245.3, the Jason's parents were living in an apartment complex in downtown Las Vegas. During Jason's struggle with command, he visited them there. Maria Fredricks was overjoyed to see her son, but Thomas was less than enthused. Jason tried to explain why he was leaving Starfleet, but his father would not have it, even mocking him, saying, "Give up, be a failure, become the laughing stock of the galaxy; but don't come crying home to mommy and daddy, expecting to get a pat on the back because you don't have the balls to stand on your own two feet as a man and deal with your own problems." This infuriated Jason, causing him to shout at his father and leave the room. Maria followed Jason to the door, disappointed that her son was following the path of her husband, becoming a "grumpy, ill-tempered man." Jason apologized, and she made him promise to put his friends and family before his duty, lest he end up like his father.[28]

Crewmates Edit

Lucas Wells Edit

Jason's best friend was unquestionably Lucas.[29] Due to the close relationship between their fathers (who had attended Starfleet Academy together), Jason and Lucas spent much time together growing up. One such instance was a camping trip in 2394 with their fathers.[27][c]

Jason and Lucas would often act out "Starfleet missions" as children. Lucas referred to their assignments to the USS Leviathan as being "just like old times." The duo would often tease each other, even in the company of their crewmates.

They both graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2408, and Lucas joked that he would not clap for Jason's valedictory if he disliked it. After the graduation ceremony concluded, they went their separate ways. Jason was assigned to the USS Leviathan while Lucas was sent to the USS ShiKahr. The two were reunited on eight months later when Lucas completed his tenure aboard the ShiKahr.[30]

Tala Jones Edit

Jason and Tala shared a rather affectionate bond. When Tala learned that her cousin, Robbie, had been killed by a Klingon raid on a border colony in the Azha system, Jason comforted her. He was prepared to allow her some time off duty, but she believed that going back on duty would be the best thing for her.[31]

Dylyp Azeli Edit

Jason and Dylyp Azeli met during their first year at the Academy, though they never became close friends. After graduating, they lost contact completely. They were reunited in 2409, however, when Dylyp was assigned to the USS Leviathan, as the ship's operations officer.[32]

Lenerea Mendel Edit

Jason was in a romantic relationship with Lenerea Mendel during their time at Starfleet Academy, but the relationship abruptly ended after he heard a rumor that Lenerea had been having sexual relations with another cadet at the Academy. Lenerea had tried to persuade him that she hadn't, but he refused to listen at that time due to "anger and immaturity." The two made up later, but the possibility of them again entering a relationship was slim.[12]

Jason's nickname for her was "Len." He also once mockingly called her "Rea," a nickname Elisa Flores had for her.[33][34]

Elisa Flores Edit

Jason and Elisa first became involved during their mission to the Donatu system. The relationship began with simple flirting, such as her kissing him in his ready room, but soon went much further. Less than a week later, they had sex in Jason's quarters, but were interrupted by a call from Franklin Drake.[35][36]

Starfleet Edit

Jason was considered a friend by the Academy's groundskeeper, Anthony McAllister, whom Jason shared a brief conversation with while he was still struggling with his decision to either stay in or leave Starfleet.[37]

On many occasions, Jason went to Crusoe, the Leviathan's bartender, for advice.[citation needed]

Jorel Quinn Edit

In 2404, Fleet Admiral Quinn made a routine visit to the Academy campus on Earth. He questioned the "eager" young cadet on what he would do to serve the Federation. Jason responded that he intended to rise to command his own starship within two years of graduation, and bring a swift end to the war. At the time, Quinn found Jason's sentiment amusing, but later realized that he had been wrong. Though the war continued, Quinn was confident that with men such as Jason on the frontlines, the war would one day come to an end.[1]

Quinn soon became intrigued by Jason's talents in taking charge of situations, and successful leadership of others. Jason was convinced he could become a captain within his first year after graduating, and while Quinn believed he had the skill, he saw that he lacked the necessary experience. He was able to convince him to take things slowly and work his way through the ranks, so one day he would get his chance for command.[38]

When Hannah Freeman wished reassignment to engineering, Jason told her that his father (referring to Quinn, not his real father) had told him to "slow down and take things one step at a time," thus influencing him to settle with being a junior tactical officer, rather than opting for command.[10]

Jason considered Quinn a "second father", as he had little support from his real father. Quinn also considered Jason to be like a son to him.[38]

Daniel Harvey Edit

At Starfleet Academy's shuttlebay lounge, Jason nearly got into a physical brawl with Daniel Harvey, who was known as a bully at the Academy, on the day following their graduation. Harvey attempted to anger Jason by saying that he had been assigned to the "garbage scow of the fleet," and that he spoke "like a five-year-old in front of a raving audience." Jason was content to let it go, though, until Harvey brought up Jason's father. Jason would have landed the first blow if not for the intervention of a senior officer.[13]

Klingon Empire Edit

Kardok Edit

B'vat Edit

Jason first encountered Admiral B'vat in the Regulus system, where B'vat and his underlings had disrupted a peace conference between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. They exchanged pleasantries, and Jason adamantly expressed his desire not to see B'vat again. B'vat, however, indicated that they would meet again very soon.[39]

Their paths crossed again just a matter of weeks later when the Leviathan was sent to the Briar Patch to investigate a secret Klingon base. An away team from the Leviathan dispatched of experimental warheads B'vat had been procuring on the base. B'vat thanked Jason for "testing" his weapons for him, and despite Jason's resolve to put an end to B'vat's sinister intentions then and there, B'vat stated that his plan was only just beginning and fled.[40]

B'vat later took interest in the Federation research facilities in the Xarantine system. Although Jason was intent on bringing B'vat to justice, he still was struggling with the pressure of command and the thought of losing everyone under his leadership. B'vat attacked the Leviathan in his flagship, the IKS Worvig. B'vat's promise that his plans had only just begun echoed in Jason's mind, tormenting him and preventing him from thinking clearly. Lucas attempted to get Jason to relinquish command to him, but his own fears overcame him as well. Dylyp then relieved Jason, seeing him as unfit to be in command. After taking over, Dylyp was hailed by B'vat, who was disappointed upon learning that he would be able to gloat of his victory to Jason.[41]

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Background and trivia Edit

Jason Fredricks

Jason as he originally appeared (until 2016).

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Notes and references Edit

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