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Jarek Davis[1] was a male half-Romulan, half-Human[2] who lived during the 24th and 25th centuries. He served as a Tal Shiar operative, and by 2409, he had infiltrated Starfleet and attained the rank of commander. He served aboard the USS Khitomer as its tactical officer, and briefly on the USS Leviathan as its commanding officer. His ties to the Tal Shiar were later exposed by the crew of the Leviathan, and he was moved to a Federation prison facility.[3][4]


Early life[]

Davis was born to a Romulan father and a Human mother sometime in the 24th century.[2]

Starfleet Academy[]

Davis contemplated lying on his entrance application and saying that his father was a Vulcan rather than a Romulan. In the end, he did not do so.[a] He began affixing his mother's surname (Davis) to his own name in order to appear "less alien" to his fellow officers.[2]

Starfleet service record[]

Davis had a notably clean record in Starfleet, lacking any incidents requiring disciplinary action.[2]

He served aboard the USS Khitomer as its tactical officer until 21 March 2409 (83295.3), when he was given temporary command of the USS Leviathan by Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn upon Jason Fredricks' unofficial resignation from Starfleet. When Quinn contacted him about his reassignment, he was currently on a 126 day shore leave.

Davis was a bit uncertain of what his new position would entail and how long it would last. He also believed that Jason Fredricks, who he was replacing, was unworthy of being referred to as captain of the Leviathan. Davis, upon receiving command, wasted no time making his own revisions to the ship's "standard procedures." He refused to look over a duty officer assignments PADD and threatened to relieve multiple senior officers from their duties if they didn't cooperate with his methods of doing things.[1]

It soon became evident to the Leviathan's senior staff that Davis was a Tal Shiar operative working undercover in Starfleet. Realizing that his cover had been blown, Davis locked the senior staff in the brig. Soon after though, he was caught and locked in one of Starfleet's "secure prison facilities."[5][6]



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Background and trivia[]

  • Davis originally appeared in "Khitomer Crisis" before its rewrite in 2014.
  • In both Star Trek Online and "Khitomer Crisis", he is simply referred to as Davis.
  • He was originally a full-blooded Romulan, but during a 2021 rewrite of "Treasure Trading Station", CaptFredricks made him half-Human on his mother's side.
  • His name is pronounced as YA-rehk DA-vees. His surname should sound like "Davis" spoken with a French accent (similar to David when spoken with a French accent).
    • His name was originally pronounced as ja-REHK DAY-veez.
  • His given name is from the Slavic yaru, meaning "fierce" or "strong".[7] His surname means "son of David".[8]


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Notes and references[]

  1. Notably, Simon Tarses, a young officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-D, was in a similar predicament and actually did lie about his heritage.

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