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January was the first month of the Human year.

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19 January 2386 (Stardate 62021.4) 
Lenerea Mendel is born on Trill.[1]
28 January 2409 (Stardates 83164.0 - 83165.2) 
The Klingon vessel IKS Chot leads an unprovoked attack on a Starfleet vessel, the USS Leviathan. Nearly all of the Leviathan's senior staff are killed, and its captain is taken hostage by the Klingons. The Leviathan's tactical officer, still holding the rank of ensign, is forced to take command.[2]
The Borg later invade the Vega colony, but they are repelled by the Federation's fleet, with some assistance from the Leviathan and her crew.[3]
29 January 2251 
Blaze Gordon is born on Vulcan.[1]

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2 January 2014 
FED: "The Price of Liberty" is published on FanFiction.
FED: "Line in the Sand" is published on FanFiction.
14 January 2016 
FED: "Everything Old Is New" is published on FanFiction.
15 January 2015 
FVOY: "Zenith, Part III" is published on FanFiction.
20 January 1920 
DeForest Kelley is born (actor, Leonard McCoy).
28 January 2015 
TSLW: "Beware the Golden Dragon" is published on FanFiction.

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